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Bill Denbrough

When the novel begins, Bill Denbrough is a successful novelist in England for the filming of a movie version of one of his books. Bill's wife is a successful actress who is starring in this film. From the outside, Bill seems like a quiet, soft spoken man who has everything a person could possibly desire from life. However, a single phone call changes all of that. Bill takes a call from a childhood friend and suddenly memories begin coming back to him of a childhood that was less than perfect. Bill remembers the death of his brother, a life altering event that Bill has hardly thought about in more than twenty years. Bill remembers a promise made to a group of friends, but cannot remember what the promise is about. However, the mark of this promise suddenly appears on his hands in the form of a scar from cuts inflicted to seal the promise.

Bill decides he must go home and fulfill his end of the promise. Bill cannot tell his wife why he feels this way. Bill's wife is concerned, frightened even, when Bill begins to stutter. It seems that Bill stuttered badly as a child, but lost the stutter when he was a young man. Now, Bill cannot seem to control it any longer. Bill gets on a plane for Maine and begins to remember more about his childhood. Bill remembers the death of his brother and the guilt that consumed him when his grief stricken parents began to ignore his presence in their lives. Bill also begins to remember the circle of friends he made the summer after the death of his brother, six friends who helped him do something he still cannot remember.

Bill arrives in Derry and begins to relive that summer through stories with his old friends. Bill slowly remembers building a dam in the Barrens, remembers the picture in his brother's album that winked at him and another that began to move. Bill remembers going to a house on Neibolt street and being chased down the street by a monster. Bill remembers going into the sewers and attempting to kill a monster he believed was responsible for his brother's death. It is this monster that brings Bill and his friends back to Derry. The monster is not dead, and it is time that Bill and his friends finish the job.

Michael Hanlon

Michael Hanlon is the head librarian at the Derry Library. Mike is also an amateur historian, collecting stories about his hometown in order to preserve them for future generations. However, the things Mike uncovers in his research causes him to believe that something evil exists in Derry. Mike learns about mass murders, tragic explosions, and racially motivated fires that encircle periods of large amounts of child disappearances and deaths in Derry. All of these events cause Mike to recall the summer of 1958 when he was the member of a tight group of children who attempted to kill the monster they believed was responsible for the deaths of many of their classmates.

Mike has remained in Derry his entire life, the only one of the seven original children who has. Mike believes the reason he remained is because it was his preordained job to remain in order to call back the others should he discover the monster they tried to kill all those years before is still alive. When a gay man is murdered in downtown Derry, Mike begins to wonder if the time has come. Soon a child is killed, and another, until the number totals nine. When Mike sees a picture of the final crime scene, he knows beyond a doubt that the monster is back. At the site where the last child is found, there is a message written in blood calling someone home. Mike knows the message is meant for him and his friends. Mike calls each of his friends, reminding them of their promise to return and telling them it is time. All six return, except for Stan Uris.

Mike arranges a reunion lunch at which the members of the Losers Club reunite. During the lunch, Mike tells them what has been happening in Derry over the past few months. Then Mike sends his friends out on a walking tour of Derry, hoping they will begin to remember what happened that summer of 1958. Each person does begin to remember. That night, they share their memories in the library, recalling their friendship, their united front against the town bully, and the day they went into the sewers. However, they do not remember the details of that final story. Mike knows they will soon remember as he knows they must return to those dark tunnels. However, before this can happen, Mike is attacked by the old bully, Henry Bowers, and nearly dies of a knife wound.

Ben Hanscom

Ben Hanscom is a famous architect. Ben lives in Nebraska on a large ranch, flies his own plane, and owns his own company. Ben is highly successful, and it seems the only thing missing from his life is a family. Ben's life is perfect and peaceful, until the day Mike calls. Ben begins remembering almost immediately. In fact, Ben not only begins to remember, but his body begins to recall as scars from his past begin to appear on his hands and his belly. Ben goes to a local bar where he has been a regular visitor for many years and tells the bartender that he was once a fat child, a child who was often teased and tortured by bullies. Ben tells him that his life was difficult when he was a child, but none of that was as bad as what happened to him in the summer of 1958. However, Ben cannot clearly remember what happened to him that summer.

Ben flies to Derry and reunites with his old friends. Afterward, Ben goes to the local library where he spent a great deal of time when he was young. While walking through the library and requesting a new card, he sees the clown. Ben tries to ignore the clown, but it is difficult and causes him to become quite frightened. Later, when everyone returns to the library to share stories, Ben begins to remember more about the past, including the day he saw the mummy walking on the frozen canal downtown. Ben also remembers his deep love for Beverly, his gratefulness at being accepted as a part of the Losers Club, and his first experiences with the acceptance of his peers.

Eddie Kaspbrak

Eddie Kaspbrak is a hypochondriac who is married to a woman who is eerily similar to his mother. Eddie is a successful businessman, running a limo company in New York. Eddie has made a good life for himself despite his occasional unhappiness in his marriage. When the call comes from Mike to ask him to return to Derry, Eddie almost decides not to go because of the fear it causes his wife. However, Eddie finds a strength inside himself he did not know he had. He fights his wife and leaves for his hometown. Once on the road, Eddie begins to remember the summer of 1958 and the friends he has somehow forgotten.

Eddie was a sickly child who suffered from a bad case of asthma that was mostly in his head. Eddie's mother was a woman who was afraid of being alone and believed by making her boy sick that she could hold onto him a little tighter. Eddie is too young at eleven to understand all this, but when the pharmacist tells him the truth, Eddie chooses to ignore that truth. Eddie's inhaler is like a security blanket. The inhaler makes him feel safe, comforted. In fact, the inhaler has such strong powers in Eddie's mind that he uses it against It and hurts the monster enough to save Bill's life. However, the second time Eddie tries this trick, It bites off his arm. He dies in the tunnels under Derry.

Richie Tozier

Richie Tozier is a radio DJ who is the master of a hundred voices. Richie imitates people and creates character voices in order to entertain his listeners. Richie has always been a funny guy and has always had a mouth that tended to work before he could stop to think about what he is saying. This habit got him into trouble often as a child, especially when he would say things to Henry Bower, the local bully in his hometown of Derry. Richie has forgotten about Henry, but when Mike Hanlon calls and reminds him of a promise to return to Derry, Richie begins to remember. Not only does Richie remember Henry, but he remembers the friends he made the summer of 1958, the same friends he is returning to Derry to reunite with.

When Richie returns to Derry, he begins to remember the strange events of 1958. Richie remembers being attacked in Bassey Park by the huge Paul Bunyan statue, being attacked by a werewolf in the house on Neibolt Street, and the rock fight he and his friends won against Henry Bowers. All of these memories quickly lead Richie and his friends to remember the day they went into the tunnels under the city to find the dark creature who they believe is responsible not only for the deaths of the children in Derry, but also for the death of Bill's brother George. Richie follows his friends into the tunnels not once, but twice. The first time is that summer of 1958, the second shortly after the reunion of the Losers Club. Richie survives the first trip unscathed, but the second trip leaves him with a minor head injury. Richie believes he will remember this last trip for the rest of his life, but shortly after returning to Los Angeles, he quickly begins to forget just like before.

Stan Uris

Stan Uris is a successful accountant. Stan is married and desperately wants a child, but he and his wife have been unable to conceive. Despite this disappointed, Stan is happy in his life, content with his wife and his home. However, when Mike calls, Stan begins to remember things that frighten him. Stan goes up to the bathroom, telling his wife he is going to take a bath, and kills himself. When his wife finds the body, she sees that Stan has written on the wall one word: "It".

Stan was a neat child who disliked disorder. When Stan became friends with Bill and the rest of the Losers Club, he was reluctant to admit that he had seen anything unusual as his new friends admitted they had because it was crazy, uncontrollable, and threatened his sense of order. However, Stan eventually tells his friends about his encounter with the clown in the form of a couple of dead kids at the Standpipe. This telling seals Stan's role in the drama that would unfold later that summer. Stan accompanied the Losers Club into the tunnels under the city that first time, helping to attack the monster. Stan is the one who recognized that the monster is female and that it is close to giving birth. Stan is also the one that makes everyone promise to come back if it turns out the monster is not dead. However, Stan's sense of order causes his fright over returning to those tunnels too much to handle, and he kills himself instead.

Beverly Marsh Rogan

Beverly Marsh Rogan is a successful fashion designer. On the night that Beverly gets the call from Mike, she is in bed with her husband, Tom Rogan. Tom does not like that Beverly is on the phone, especially since he has a hangover and is extremely tired. What makes Tom really mad, however, is the fact that Beverly is smoking. Tom decides to punish his wife by giving her a whooping just like his own mother had done to him many times. For the first time in their relationship, Beverly fights back. Beverly tells Tom she is going home to Derry and does not care what he has to say about it. Tom becomes incensed, and Beverly has to fight her way out of the house.

Beverly gets help from a friend and goes to Derry to reunite with her old friends. Beverly is the only girl in the group. Several of the boys are in love with her, but Ben is the only one who has nursed these feelings into adulthood. Beverly is in love with Bill, however, and it is with Bill whom she makes a physical connection. Later, though, Beverly finally realizes that Ben is the special man for her and when everything is over, she goes home with him.

Beverly remembers her past slowly, just as the rest of the Losers Club does. Beverly remembers that her father worried about her a lot, and slowly comes to recall that he beat her just as her husband does. Beverly also remembers Henry Bowers and the times he attempted to hurt her for one reason or another. Beverly remembers the blood that came out of the bathroom drain in her old apartment, the silver slugs she was entrusted to shoot into It, and the day she saw It kill Patrick Hockstetter. When everyone remembers the summer of 1958, they return to the tunnels to kill It. Bill and Richie succeed where they had failed twenty-seven years before.

Henry Bowers

Henry Bowers is the son of a local Derry farmer. Henry's father is crazy. Henry's father disliked the Hanlons living so close to his farm because of their race and tried to scare them away by killing their chickens. The local sheriff knew it was Henry's father who did this and forced him to pay Mike's father restitution. This caused Henry's father to be bitter and filled with hatred, a hatred he gave to Henry. Henry, who was often beaten and verbally abused by his father, became a bully, picking on younger children. This included Mike and all the members of the Losers Club.

Henry will often follow the kids through town and beat them up when no one is looking. As the summer goes on, Henry's anger and hatred grow to the point that he attempts to carve his name into Ben's belly for not allowing him to cheat on a test. This hatred grows even more intense when the Losers Club bests Henry in a rock fight and manages to outrun him a few times. When Henry finds a knife in his mailbox and believes the moon tells him to kill the Losers Club, he follows these orders. Henry chases the Losers Club into the Barrens on the day they go into the tunnels, following them there as well. Henry's friends are killed, but Henry escapes, only to be arrested for his father's murder and the murders of the children in Derry.

Twenty-seven years later, Henry is a patient at a mental facility. The moon begins to talk to him again. Later, one of Henry's dead friends returns to help him escape the hospital. Henry returns to Derry where he finds his old knife. Henry goes after the Losers Club once again, beginning with Mike Hanlon. Henry and Mike fight. Mike is stabbed in the leg, causing him to bleed profusely from the femoral artery. Henry is stabbed as well, in the belly, but survives long enough to go to Eddie's hotel room. There Henry and Eddie fight, ending only when Eddie manages to stab Henry in the belly again with a broken Perrier bottle.

It aka Pennywise aka Robert 'Bob' Gray

It, or Pennywise the Clown, or Robert Gray, is the thing in Derry that kills the children. It has existed in Derry for many years, almost since the beginning of time. Every twenty-five to twenty-seven years, It awakes and feeds on the children of Derry. It likes to feed on children as they have simple fears, and it is easy for It to play on those fears. When It runs into a group of children who do not become frightened by Its tricks, It becomes afraid. It has never known fear, but when It realizes that it can be killed when in Its earthly form, It does become afraid. However, when It survives the first attack by the Losers Club, It believes that they cannot kill It. It thinks that as adults, the children have lost the magic they had when they were young that helped them survive. However, Bill and Richie will prove that It is wrong.

Belch Huggins, Victor Criss, and Patrick Hockstetter

Belch Huggins and Victor Criss are friends of Henry Bowers's. Belch and Victor accompany Henry when he chases the Losers Club, becoming involved in the rock fight that leaves them on the losing end and the other times in which Henry confronts the Losers. Belch and Victor also accompany Henry into the tunnels the day the Losers Club confronts It. Belch and Victor are afraid and think that Henry has begun to lose his sanity, but they are too afraid to walk away. Unfortunately, Belch and Victor are killed by It when they follow Henry into the tunnels.

Patrick Hockstetter is a friend of Henry's. Patrick is a psychopath who killed his baby brother when he was only in kindergarten, because the baby caused his dinner to be late most nights. Patrick also likes to kill animals by stuffing them in an abandoned refrigerator and allowing them to suffocate. One day when Patrick goes to clean out this refrigerator, he is attacked by flying leeches and then dragged into the Barrens by It.

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