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It - Part Five, The Ritual of Chud: Chapter 22, The Ritual of Chud Summary & Analysis

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Part Five, The Ritual of Chud: Chapter 22, The Ritual of Chud Summary

In 1958, Bill locks eyes with It and begins to battle with it telepathically. It sends him through some sort of darkness that Bill believes is the deadlights where its conscious really lives. On the way there, Bill sees a large turtle. It tells Bill that the turtle created the universe by vomiting it up. It has believed that the turtle was dead, but it appears to Bill as he goes by. The turtle tells Bill that it cannot help him, that there is another, but it too cannot help, but that Bill should be sure that he kills It now while he and his friends are still strong. Bill tries to fight It, tries to keep it from sending him into the deadlights. Bill begins to fight against It, thinking again and again that tongue twister that his mother had taught him. Suddenly, Bill screams the phrase in such a strong voice that It begins to let him go, bringing him back. Bill has hurt It. When Bill returns to the chamber, It has begun to retreat deeper into Its nest. Everyone believes It is dying, but Bill thinks they should follow it to make sure. However, Its web begins to fall and it is made of some sort of acid that burns through their clothes and skin. They retreat, leaving the nest with the assumption that It is dead.

Somehow, they become lost as they try to make their way out. Eddie can no longer tell which direction they should travel. Everyone is frightened, and their individual feelings are pulling them away from each other. Beverly thinks she knows how to bring them back together. Beverly undresses and invites each boy to make love to her. Eddie is the first, but Ben is the one who brings her the most pleasure. Afterward, they make their way out of the tunnels without any more trouble.

In 1985 Bill does the same as before, immediately locking eyes with It and beginning the ritual again. Bill learns that the Turtle is dead. When Richie sees that Bill is struggling, he joins in. Richie laughs while hooked to It, his laughter shaking Its strength and nearly sending them back. However, It is stronger this time. Eddie sees that Richie and Bill are struggling. Eddie runs forward and sprays his asthma medicine in Its eye. It tries to attack even as Its eye is suffering from the shot of medicine. Eddie's arm gets trapped inside Its mouth. Eddie sprays the medicine again just seconds before It bites off his arm. Eddie's effort is successful in bringing Richie and Bill back to reality, while outside the storm is causing havoc in Derry.

Part Five, The Ritual of Chud: Chapter 22, The Ritual of Chud Analysis

Bill begins the Ritual of Chud with It using not his physical tongue, but his mental one. Bill and It begin to struggle as It tries to send Bill into the deadlights where his physical body will be separated from his mental one, and he will go insane. Bill fights it. On his trip through this mental tunnel, Bill sees a turtle which It says created the universe. The turtle tells Bill he must kill It now while he is still strong. The turtle also speaks of another that cannot help them now. Bill fights with all his strength, using a phrase his mother taught him to help with his stutter to force It to return him to sanity. When Bill returns, he sees that It is injured. Everyone else believes It is dead, so they leave.

On the way out of the tunnels, they lose sight of each other and get lost. Beverly brings them all back together by making love with each of them. This act helps them remember their love for each other and reinforces the magic, a theme of the novel, that brought them together in the first place. They get out of the tunnels without any further injury, without seeing Henry Bowers, though they do see the bodies of Henry's friends, Victor Criss and Belch Huggins.

In 1985, Bill attempts to do the same thing, but quickly discovers that Mike's fears that as adults they will not be strong enough have come true. Richie joins in, and seems to help at first, but soon begins to lose the battle. Eddie then joins in as well, shooting his asthma medicine at It. This works, bringing back Richie and Bill, but now Eddie is mortally wounded. Eddie has given his life to save his friends, the ultimate example of the theme of friendship.

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