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It - Part Five, The Ritual of Chud: Chapter 21, Under the City Summary & Analysis

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Part Five, The Ritual of Chud: Chapter 21, Under the City Summary

In 1958, they began crawling through the tunnels with Eddie navigating. Eddie has never gotten lost before, and they have faith that he will lead them where they want to go. The tunnels are full of sewage and dark, but they manage to make their way without using too many of the precious few matches they have between them. When they enter one particularly large chamber, they see the body of Patrick Hockstetter, abandoned on the concrete floor. They make this same trip in 1985, Eddie once again navigating, and see the same abandoned body, now nothing more than a pile of rotting clothes and bones.

The deeper they went in 1958, the more unused the tunnels appear. They see another body that seems to be that of a water department employee who got lost, causing Bill to remember his father's warning about how easy it was to get lost in these tunnels. In a particularly tight tunnel, they suddenly hear movement ahead of them. It turns out to be a giant eye from a movie Richie once saw. Eddie sprays his asthma medicine at the eye and stops it before it can hurt Bill, who has moved into its path to keep it away from the others. They continue on and are attacked by a bird. Stan begins to recite the names of birds he believes exist even though he has never seen them. Somehow this recitation makes the bird retreat. This whole time, the Losers can hear Henry coming up behind them. Bill finally calls to him and warns him to get out, but Henry is too insane to take the warning seriously. Eventually, the Losers come upon a small, childlike door with a strange symbol on it. Each child sees the symbol as something different, just like they each saw It as some different creature before coming together.

In 1985, they retrace the steps they took in 1958. When they reach the place where they saw the huge eye, someone approaches. Bill thinks it might be Audra, but it is George. George accuses Bill of being responsible for his death. Bill believes this in his heart and begins to apologize. Beverly steps forward and tells Bill to fight it, that he cannot allow It to play on his emotions. Eddie yells for Bill to kill It. From some hidden reserve of strength, Bill screams a tongue twister at George that his mother had tried to teach him that summer and that he spoke the last time he was face-to-face with It, stopping it for a time. This causes George to disappear.

The Losers continue until Bill senses that something is not right with Mike. It has sent a nurse to kill Mike. The Losers move into a circle and concentrate their strength on Mike, giving him the power to fight off the nurse. When Mike is safe, the Losers continue on. They come to the small door they remember from their first time here. They enter the door and find themselves in Its nest. Bill walks up to It, locks eyes with It, and begins the Ritual of Chud. Outside the tunnels, a freak rain storm has begun, causing intense flooding throughout the town.

Part Five, The Ritual of Chud: Chapter 21, Under the City Analysis

In 1958, the Losers make their way through the tunnels, followed by Henry and his friends. They encounter It twice, first in the form of a horror movie eye and the second time in the form of a bird. Eddie manages to stop the eye by spraying his asthma medicine on it. Stan stops the bird by reciting names of birds, not unlike what he did at the Standpipe. The children then come together at the door leading into Its inner chambers. They have made it this far and are confident they will survive the next step, making the reader wonder why they had to return twenty-seven years later if they were so strong and ready the first time. The second time they navigate the tunnels, they have a harder time fighting the obstacles It sends. It sends George to Bill to play on his guilt over his brother's death. Bill manages to see through this trick, with help from his friends, and recites a tongue twister that makes George go away. Then they must help Mike whose life is suddenly in danger in a hospital in Derry.

The Losers reach the door in 1985 and find that it enters upon the nest of It. Bill immediately steps forward and locks eyes with the creature, which looks like a spider to them, and begins the Ritual of Chud. It is time to attempt to kill It once again. How Bill will do this remains to be seen in the later chapters. In the meantime, the town of Derry is being besieged with a freak rain storm. The reader sees this and wonders if perhaps it has something to do with Its fear of dying and how it will affect the city above.

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