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It - Part Five, The Ritual of Chud: Chapter 19, The Watches of the Night Summary & Analysis

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Part Five, The Ritual of Chud: Chapter 19, The Watches of the Night Summary

The party in the library breaks up with Mike insisting that everyone try to get a good night's sleep. Bill and Beverly leave together and rekindle some of the old infatuation they shared as children. As they walk, Beverly remembers a strange encounter with her father where he insisted on checking her body to make sure none of the boys she plays with have taken her virginity. Beverly becomes afraid when she realizes that this is not just her father, but It is somehow working through him. Beverly runs away, dodging her father and losing him in town. However, Beverly runs into Henry Bowers within minutes of escaping her father. Beverly struggles with Henry, who shows her a knife he has just come into possession of. Henry says he is going to kill Beverly and all her friends. A woman tries to stop the fight, but Henry scares her away. Another person, a man sitting on his porch, simply stands up and walks away. Beverly manages to kick Henry and get away, escaping into the Barrens. Beverly runs to the clubhouse where she finds Ben. The two of them close the top of the clubhouse and wait Henry out.

Back in the present, Bill takes Beverly back to his room at the Derry Townhouse, and they spend the evening making love. At the same time, Mike is now alone in the library where he intends to sit down and write some more in his diary after cleaning up their mess. However, before Mike can begin he hears a noise in the library. Unsure if it is a real person or It playing games again, Mike gets up and begins to search the library. Soon Mike sees someone standing just inside the glass tunnel that connects the adult library to the children's library. The visitor turns out to be Henry Bowers. Henry is older now, but somehow he still looks like the child he once was. Mike tries to talk to him, but Henry is intent on killing Mike. They struggle. Henry stabs Mike in the thigh, cutting his femoral artery. Mike fights back and stabs Henry in the stomach with a letter opener. Henry, wounded but satisfied that Mike will die, leaves the library. Mike calls the hospital after putting a turnicate on his leg. Pennywise comes across the wire, blocking out the voice on the other end of the phone. Mike manages to ask for help anyway.

In 1958, Henry got a switchblade knife in the mail from someone named Pennywise. Henry takes the knife into the house where his father is sleeping and presses it against his neck. Henry hears the moon talking to him, telling him what he should do with the knife. Henry kills his father and then goes looking for the Losers. In 1985, Henry found the same knife in a drain where the moon told him to look. Now, bleeding profusely from his stomach wound, Henry is laying on the grass in front of the old seminary, wondering what to do next. A car suddenly shows up, a car just like the one his dad always said he would buy, with Belch Huggins driving. Henry is not upset by this, despite the fact that Belch has been dead since that summer in 1958. Belch takes Henry to the Derry Townhouse. Henry finds a memo in the glove box that has the room numbers of all the Losers. Henry decides to start at the top, Eddie's room.

In 1958, Beverly and Ben decide Henry and his friends are far enough away that they can come out of the clubhouse and warn the others. Beverly and Ben find Richie and Stan outside the grocery store and quickly run into Bill and Mike on their way back from Bill's house. Beverly tells them what has happened. They all notice the unusual quiet of downtown, and Bill begins to remember his mother's aloofness at lunch, more so than usual. Bill knows that now is the time. Bill instructs the Losers into the Barrens and tells Ben to lead the way to the pumping station near where he hid that first day of summer.

Henry knocks on Eddie's door and claims to have a message from his wife. Eddie opens the door and finds himself face-to-face with a nightmare. Henry attacks him, and a fight ensues. Eddie breaks a bottle of Perrier on his nightstand but, before he can use it, Henry throws him against the dresser, causing him to break his arm again. When Henry comes toward Eddie again, Eddie stabs him with the Perrier bottle. Eddie then calls Bill's room.

Back in the Barrens that August day, Ben leads them the best that he can, but directions are not really his thing. When they pass the clubhouse, Henry and his friends pop out of the trees. A rock fight ensues. Somehow, the Losers manage to make it to the pumping station ahead of Henry of their friends and begin to climb down one at a time, beginning with Bill and Eddie. Henry tries to follow but, because of the tightness of the area, he cannot come down into the tunnel without facing the Losers alone. Henry is forced to stay outside until the Losers begin to move out of the original tunnel and into the maze that runs under Derry.

Part Five, The Ritual of Chud: Chapter 19, The Watches of the Night Analysis

The party at the library ends, and everyone returns to their hotel rooms for some well deserved sleep. Bill and Beverly end up going together and share a bed for a few hours. Beverly has had a crush on Bill since they were children and judging from the fact that Audra and Beverly look a lot alike, Bill has likewise. They share their first night of passion, at least what the reader believes is their first night of passion, and find a sexual compatibility that is amazing. The reader knows that Ben also has a crush on Beverly and wonders what will happen with that relationship as well as what will happen to Bill's marriage. However, those questions are overshadowed by other events within the night.

Mike is attacked by Henry Bowers and nearly killed. Mike calls for help, but Pennywise interrupts the phone connection leaving the reader wondering if he got help in time. Eddie is also attacked, but other than breaking his arm again, he comes out unscathed. Henry is dead. This death happens in the real world where there are laws and police officers. The reader wonders how Henry's death will reflect on Eddie and his friends and if it will end their pursuit of It.

Beverly recalls the events on a day in August when her father found out she was spending time with boys and decided he wanted to learn if she was still a virgin. The attack by her father is nothing unusual, but the intensity of her father's reaction is different. Beverly realizes that her father is not acting on his own, but It is working through him somehow. Beverly escapes the house and takes her father on a chase through town before finally losing him. Her victory is short lived, however, when Beverly runs into Henry Bowers. Henry is fresh from killing his father and believes that the moon has ordered him to kill all the Losers. Beverly fights him, and receives help from an old woman on the street, but this help is short lived when Henry intimidates the woman into running away. Not only this, but Beverly sees a man across the street simply go inside his house as though he has not seen anything. This behavior seems to be prevalent all through town as Bill realizes later that all the adults in Derry have apparently taken to their houses for the day and are not aware of the children at all. Even his own mother seemed to not notice his presence at home for lunch.

The day has come to face down It, Bill decides. Henry's reached a fever pitch in his insanity and his desire to kill the Losers. The town seems to have reached a point where they do not even notice the children, bringing to the readers mind the behavior of Derry's citizens when Claud Heroux axed several people to death in a crowded bar. Perhaps the Losers are meant to die today. However, Bill is determined that they will go down fighting. Bill has Ben lead them to a pumping station where they enter the tunnels where they believe It lives.

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