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It - Derry: The Fourth Interlude Summary & Analysis

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Derry: The Fourth Interlude Summary

In this diary excerpt, Mike talks about the ax murders at a bar called the Silver Dollar. It happened in 1905 when lumber was still the biggest trade in Derry. During that year, a group of lumberjacks who were attempting to build up a strike against the industry for unsafe work conditions were kidnapped and murdered. One of their friends, a man named Claud Heroux was outraged, grief stricken, and angry that law officials knew who had done it but seemed unwilling to make anyone pay. Heroux decided he would take the law into his own hands. Heroux walked into the bar that night where the men responsible for his friends' deaths were playing cards. Heroux sat at the bar for a time drinking beer and conversing with a few of the local men. Then, Heroux simply got up and began using his ax on the men he felt were responsible for the deaths of his friends. No one in the bar seemed to notice what was going on, even when one of the men's heads rolled into the main room and stopped against another man's foot.

It was not until after everything was over that the town's people became enraged. They tracked down Heroux and killed him that very night by hanging him in the center of town. Mike believes this incident is further proof that It controls Derry and that it makes things like this happen in order to facilitate the beginning or end of Its killing cycles. Mike also thinks that this is proof that the adults in town do not really have a clear knowledge of what is going on around them, which is why many of the missing children are either forgotten or put down as runaways. Mike thinks that adults lose something, some sort of faith, from their childhoods that allow them to fight It. This realization makes Mike wonder if, as adults, the Losers will still be effective against It.

Derry: The Fourth Interlude Analysis

Mike writes about a brutal ax murder spree that was allowed to take place in Derry in 1905. Mike believes this murder spree is the result of It's control over the people in Derry. While the assault was taking place, the other men in the bar seem oblivious to it, as though they cannot see what is happening right in front of their eyes. It is eerily like the sheriff's reaction every time Mike asks him about the missing children of Derry. The sheriff seems unaware that so many children going missing is an unusual event. The sheriff feels all these children are simply runaways who are escaping a bad home life.

Mike is still trying to get up the courage to call his friends back in this diary entry. The reader knows he has already called them, but the doubts he expresses in this entry are still real and frightening. Based on the events of the last chapter, the reader knows that the Losers have gained some sort of advantage over It. However, Mike's concern that that advantage might have something to do with the blind faith all children possess and that as adults they will no longer have it, is a real concern. The reader wonders if maybe Mike is not right, that as adults these people will be powerless against something as strong as It.

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