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It - Part Four, July of 1958: Chapter 14, The Album Summary & Analysis

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Part Four, July of 1958: Chapter 14, The Album Summary

Everyone has arrived now, and they share stories of their walking tours. Mike steps away from his friends and goes into his office. Alone there, Mike opens his refrigerator to get a beer and finds Stan's head, as he was as a child, sitting there. It looks like Stan, but Mike recognizes Pennywise's eyes in the familiar face. The head warns that they are all going to die. Mike calls the others, and they all see what has been waiting in the office for Mike.

Mike begins to think about his first few days as a member of the Losers Club. The club has decided they want to build a clubhouse, but instead of building a tree house as some of them suggested, Ben says they should build it in the ground. They will dig a hole five feet deep and five feet across. Then they will put a door on it that will disguise the hole from outsiders. On the door, they will glue grass pieces so no one will know it is even there.

Shortly after joining the group, everyone told Mike about their encounters with It. Mike tells them about the bird and then tells them about seeing the clown during the Fourth of July parade. Mike tells everyone that he recognized the clown from somewhere and finally realized that it is in some of the pictures in his father's album. The album is a collection of historical pictures of Derry, pictures Mike's dad, an amateur historian, has found or bought from other Derry residents. Mike tells them he will bring the album to show them some time later. About the same time, Bill has an idea how they might kill It. Bill takes Richie and Ben and goes to the library to do some research. Bill wants to learn how to make a silver bullet.

A few days later, while everyone is working on the clubhouse, Mike brings his father's photo album. As the children look through the pictures, they see the clown at various times during Derry history, reaching back as far as the turn of the century. One of these pictures begins to move like the picture in Georgie's album. This time, the clown seems to come out of the picture. The image shifts from a clown to a werewolf, a mummy, a drowned teenager. Stan becomes frightened and slams the album closed. Stan is nearly hysterical, unwilling to discuss the whole situation anymore. However, the club calms him down and helps him see that he is stronger than he thinks.

Part Four, July of 1958: Chapter 14, The Album Analysis

Mike sees Stan's head, as he was as a child, in the refrigerator. This is a frightening thing for anyone to see, and Mike's adult mind does not handle the sight as well as he might have as a child. However, Mike manages to handle the situation maturely, ignoring the threat the head makes, knowing that it is not really Stan. In fact, the sight brings a memory back to the foreground of Mike's mind, taking him back to the first few days he spent as a member of the Losers Club. Mike, like Ben, is happy to be included in this group since he has been something of a loner most of his childhood. Mike's pleasure touches again on the theme of friendship, stressing again how important this circle of friends is to the plot of the novel.

Mike remembers back to when the Losers Club decided to build a clubhouse. Once again showing his architectural genius that will someday make him famous worldwide, Ben designs a clubhouse that is hidden underground. The group goes to work on it right away, not shying away from the hard work or shared expense of buying hinges for the door that will keep the clubhouse hidden. Again, these children seem somewhat more mature for their age. Even when the reader takes into account the fact that these children live in an age when things are different, they still appear more mature, more responsible than other children their same age. This maturity also shines through when Bill begins to try to find ways to kill the creature. Bill decides they must make a silver bullet. The bullet itself might come from a child's movie and might seem silly, but the idea to build it himself is very mature and shows Bill's determination to kill this thing that killed his brother.

Mike's album reveals to the kids that the clown has been a part of Derry history for many years, dating back nearly to Derry's beginning. The kids do not even have a chance to wrap their minds around this amazing idea before they come across a picture that begins to move just like the one in George's book did. This time, the clown is featured prominently and seems to attempt to come out of the picture. The clown changes forms, becoming the forms that each of the children have previously seen, confirming that it is the same creature that is haunting each of these children. Stan's reaction to the picture however is the most important aspect of this scene. Stan is afraid, as any other child might be faced with such a strange occurrence. Stan's reaction is stronger than the others, though, stronger than any of them has shown thus far and suggests that Stan might not be able to handle whatever these children are preparing to face and might also explain his suicide twenty-seven years later.

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