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It - Part Four, July of 1958: Chapter 13, The Apocalyptic Rock Fight Summary & Analysis

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Part Four, July of 1958: Chapter 13, The Apocalyptic Rock Fight Summary

The Losers Club gathers in the library after hours, each carrying with them some sort of alcoholic drink for the long night ahead. Bill is the first to arrive with Mike, and as he waits, he thinks about that summer once more. Bill remembers meeting with the other members of the Losers Club in the Barrens. Bill tells them about a conversation he had with his dad about the sewers that run through the Barrens. Bill's dad told him that there have been so many tunnels built under the city that it is almost impossible to go into them and not get lost. Bill then tells how he went to the library and did research on the strange things that have been happening that summer and came across the word glamour. A glamour is a creature that can appear to people as whatever they chose to see, including their darkest nightmares. Bill also learned that the only way to stop a glamour is a ritual called the ritual of Chud in which a person bites the glamour's tongue and the glamour bites the person's tongue. They then take turns telling jokes. The first one to laugh is then killed by the other.

Mike is on his way to the church where he attends school when Henry Bowers and his friends came across him. Henry Bowers dislikes Mike with a passion as his father blames all their bad luck on the Hanlon family. Henry begins to chase Mike into the train depot. Mike manages to stay ahead of Henry and his friends, but begins to lose his lead as he runs toward the edge of the Barrens where it touches the train depot near an old gravel pit. Mike runs for the cover of the vegetation in the Barrens and runs into the members of the Losers Club.

The Losers have decided to go play in the dump and shoot off some fireworks Stan has. They walk through the Barrens, and Bill stops when they reach the gravel pit, not for any obvious reason, but due to a feeling that something is about to happen. Bill tells everyone to gather as many rocks as they can. When Mike arrives, he does not even have time to explain things when Henry and his friends arrive. Bill tells Henry to leave, that the Barrens is their place. Henry laughs. A rock fight ensues. Despite the fact that Bill, Ben, and few others take some bad hits, the Losers Club manages to win the fight, besting Henry for only the second time.

Part Four, July of 1958: Chapter 13, The Apocalyptic Rock Fight Analysis

Bill is at the library awaiting the arrival of his childhood friends so they can discuss their slowly returning memories and make plans on how to fight something they still cannot remember. Bill begins to remember some more about that summer, specifically the day Mike joined their group. That day, Bill told his fellow club members about the research he did that revealed the name of the creature they have all seen. Bill believes they are all seeing the same creature, it just appears differently to each of them as it appears as the thing each individual fears the most. Bill hypothesizes that now that they all know about it and have shared their stories, that it will begin to appear as one collective creature to them all, such as Richie's werewolf or Ben's mummy. Bill's hypothesis is important to the overall plot of the novel, because it begins to explain what might have appeared to the reader up to this point as a collection of odd but unrelated stories.

Bill also believes that he has learned how to kill this glamour. Bill believes that they can use a version of an ancient ritual, the Ritual of Chud, in which a person bites the glamour's tongue and tells jokes. The first to laugh is allowed to be killed by the other. The idea of this ritual seems absurd to the reader, but the children take it seriously and seem to believe it offers them a chance of killing this creature.

The kids decide to go to the dump to light firecrackers and run into Mike who happens to be running from Henry Bowers. A rock fight begins shortly after and for the second time that summer, the Losers win over Henry and his friends. This win is important to the Losers as it makes them feel powerful, capable of handling any situation no matter how scary. However, it also causes Henry to become enraged at this group of kids, more so than ever before, and leaves the reader with the impression that Henry will be looking for revenge very soon. This rock fight also brings Mike into the Losers Club, completing the circle of friends who have been brought together for some unknown reason.

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