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It - Part Two, June of 1958: Chapter 9, Cleaning Up Summary & Analysis

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Part Two, June of 1958: Chapter 9, Cleaning Up Summary

Beverly left her husband's home with only a suitcase. Beverly had to call a friend, Kay, to ask for transportation to Derry. Kay is a women's lib activist who has made a living selling books to empower women, so naturally she was willing to do anything she could to help Bev escape Tom. Beverly insists on going by bus at the beginning of her journey, sure Tom will go to the major airports to try and find her. From there, Beverly had Kay arrange a plane ticket. Now, Beverly is on that plane thinking about Derry and her good friends, remembering how one night she heard voices in the drain.

Beverly is getting ready for bed the night after she went to the movies with Ben and Richie. Beverly begins to hear voices in the drain. Thinking it might be someone playing in the basement of her apartment building, Beverly calls out to the voice. Suddenly, a new voice fills the room, a sinister voice, and then blood sprays out of the drain. Beverly screams, bringing her father into the room. Beverly's father is a man with a short temper who is not adverse to hitting his daughter. When it becomes apparent to Beverly that he cannot see the blood, she tells him she saw a spider to avoid a beating.

The next morning while Beverly is helping her mother clean the apartment, she discovers that her mother cannot see the blood either. However, Beverly can clearly see it and is spooked by it. Beverly leaves the apartment and finds her friends, Richie, Ben and Stan. Beverly brings them back to the apartment and is relieved when they can see the blood. Stan suggests that they clean the mess up. Afterward, Stan pays for them to wash the rags at the local Laundromat so Beverly's mother will not question the dirty rags, and Beverly does not have to see the blood on the rags.

While waiting for the rags to finish washing, Stan tells them about his encounter with the creature that Bill, Ben and Eddie have all seen. Stan was bird watching in Memorial Park when he heard a strange noise. While investigating this noise, Stan went to the door at the base of the Standpipe. The Standpipe is designed in such a way that people can walk up to a platform that hangs out over the water tank. It is rumored that several people have died from falling into the water, so the Standpipe has been closed except to guided tours for many years. However, Stan found that the door at its base was open. Stan went inside, and the door slammed behind him. In seconds, Stan could hear footsteps on the stairs. Stan knew it was the corpses of those who have died there, so he turned to leave but the door would not open. Frightened, Stan pulled out his bird watching guide book and began to recite the names of the birds inside. Suddenly, the door opened, and Stan was able to escape.

Beverly returns home, puts the rags away, and goes into the bathroom to reassure herself that the blood is finally gone. Beverly gets her father's measuring tape and begins to run it down the drain. When it is as far as Beverly believes it will go, something grabs hold of the end and begins to pull it, nearly ripping it out of Beverly's hands. Beverly struggles with the tape, finally pulling it out of the drain. Then, blood begins to spurt from the drain again, covering the sink and the walls like before. This time, Beverly cleans it up right away and incinerates the rag she used.

Part Two, June of 1958: Chapter 9, Cleaning Up Analysis

Beverly ran from her home without money with which to travel to Derry. Beverly turns to a friend who is a woman's liberation activist, a woman who has tried to get Beverly to leave Tom for a long time and failed. Kay is thrilled that Beverly has finally left Tom and pays for her to fly to Derry. Kay is a woman who has strong feelings against men like Tom and fights to help women like Beverly, giving the impression of a strong woman who has all the answers and would never find herself in the position Beverly was in. This description will come back to the reader later when Kay appears within the narration again.

Beverly is brushing her teeth when voices come out of the drain and then blood splatters all over the bathroom. Beverly screams for her father and is shocked to realize he does not see the blood that is clear to her. Beverly's father's inability to see the blood again touches on the theme of magic as the reader realizes that the things these children are seeing is something that only children can see. The idea that only kids can see these things suggests that there is something about the innocence and naivety of children that gives the creature responsible for these things power.

After cleaning up the mess with Beverly, Stan not only pays for washing the rags, touching on the theme of friendship, but he shares with Beverly, Richie and Ben his encounter with the creature. Stan was drawn into the Standpipe and then nearly attacked by corpses of drowned teenagers. Stan managed to get away by reciting the names of birds. Stan's escape causes the reader to raise eyebrows, curious how reciting these names could save him. However, if the reader considers Stan's deep belief in the protection of these birds, they might begin to have some understanding of the power of a child and an idea of how the children might be able to battle the creature later in the novel.

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