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It - Part Two, June of 1958: Chapter 8, Georgie's Room and the House on Neibolt Street Summary & Analysis

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Part Two, June of 1958: Chapter 8, Georgie's Room and the House on Neibolt Street Summary

Richie arrives at the city limits of Derry. Richie pulls over at the sign marking entry into town and thinks about the memories that are slowly coming back to him. Richie remembers that day in the Barrens when Mr. Nell came upon them after they built the dam. Mr. Nell tells them that their dam is working so well that it is causing all the drains on the west side of town to backup. Mr. Nell explains that the entire drainage system of the town runs through the Barrens where there are dozens of pumping stations that pump water from waste, storms, and the two local rivers into the canal and away from the city. The dam is causing this system to malfunction. The kids apologize and promise to tear down the dam. Mr. Nell then reminds the boys about the curfew and warns them to never play in the Barrens alone.

After tearing down the dam, the boys head home. Bill and Richie end up walking together. Richie stops and tells Bill that he thinks they should go back to his house and take a look at Georgie's photo album. Bill agrees. At Bill's, they turn on the record player in Bill's room before going to Georgie's room, because Bill's parents do not like anyone going into Georgie's room. Richie picks up the album, which shows signs of the blood Bill had told him about. The album is cold despite having been lying in the sun. Richie turns the pages to the last page, but there is no picture of George there. Richie shows Bill the last picture in the book, an old picture of downtown Derry. While they are looking at the picture, it suddenly begins to move. In the center of the picture are two little boys whom they realize are them, Bill and Richie. Bill is so fascinated by this, he reaches out to touch the picture, as though to stop the two little boys from approaching the canal where he can see balloons beginning to float up over the wall. Richie cries out and pulls Bill's hand back as his fingers begin to enter the picture. When Bill's hand is free, they can see that he has rings of cuts where his fingers had entered the picture.

Richie and Bill are frightened by this experience, but like most little boys, it begins to lose its powers as soon as it is over. Richie goes home, and the following Saturday morning is worried only about convincing his father to give him money so he can go see a double feature of horror movies. Richie calls Ben and invites him to go along as Richie does not like to go to the movies alone, and all his other friends are busy. As Richie makes his way to the theater, he runs into Beverly outside the drug store. After Beverly shows Richie how to walk his yo-yo, he invites her to the movie, as well.

Richie and Beverly arrive at the theater in plenty of time for the movie, but Ben is nowhere to be seen. Ben finally shows up after everyone else has gone inside. Ben says that he saw Henry and his friends go inside and is afraid to run into them as Henry is still mad about what happened in the Barrens the last day of school. Richie talks him into going anyway, promising they will sit in the balcony where Henry and his friends cannot see them. Ben agrees, mostly because he does not want to look like a wimp in front of Beverly. However, when the movies, which were horror flicks about Frankenstein and a werewolf, are over, Ben can see Henry down in the theater below. One of Henry's friends looks up and sees him. Richie thinks if they sneak out the side door, they can escape safely, but Henry and his friends are waiting there. Henry and his friends immediately attack Ben. However, instead of allowing himself to be beat up like he might have before, Ben fights back. Ben becomes angry when he sees one of Henry's friends pull Beverly's hair and becomes even more aggressive, managing to get the better of Henry. Beverly fights too, and before anyone knows it, Richie has helped them escape. All three run away, laughing at their sudden and surprising victory over the town bully.

Less than a week later, Bill goes to Richie and tells him that he wants to go to the house on Neibolt Street. Bill thinks the thing that killed his brother might live there, and he wants to kill it. Bill promises to get his dad's gun. Richie agrees. They meet at the Barrens and ride together on Silver. Bill parks Silver a few houses away, and pulls out his father's gun. Bill carefully loads the gun. Richie then shows Bill what he has brought for their protection, a bag of sneezing powder. Bill and Richie approach the house, sliding under the porch and entering the house through the same window where the leper escaped the day Eddie had been there. They look around for a minute. Bill suggests they separate, but Richie insists they stay together. They begin to look around. Before they see more than the coal bin, the door at the top of the stairs opens.

Richie sees a werewolf. Bill urges him back toward the coal bin, telling him to run. Richie climbs the coal and goes out the window. Richie can hear Bill behind him, firing his father's pistol. When the pistol is empty, Bill climbs the coal and reaches for Richie. Just as Richie is about to pull Bill out the window, the creature grabs Bill's pants cuff. Richie and the creature fight over Bill for a long few minutes, but Richie finally wins. Bill and Richie start to run around the house toward Silver. Richie finds the creature crawling out the window. Richie blows the sneezing powder on the creature, catching it by surprise. The creature stops in its pursuit for only a moment. Before Bill and Richie can get Silver going, the creature is in the street behind them. Bill concentrates on piloting the bike. Richie watches the werewolf chase them down the street and panics when the creature comes close. The creature grabs Richie's shirt, but cannot get a strong hold. Bill brings the bike close to the traffic flowing through the main street and finds that the creature has gone. Bill stops the bike, and Richie falls into a dead faint.

Part Two, June of 1958: Chapter 8, Georgie's Room and the House on Neibolt Street Analysis

Mr. Nell tells the boys about the strange drainage system that crosses through the Barrens. Derry was built in swamp land in the middle of two major rivers, causing it to have terrible drainage problems. The town's solution was to create a drainage system that runs through the Barrens with pumping stations designed to siphon the waste water and the overflow of water from storms and the rivers into the canal and out of town. The information about the pumping stations is important because, later in the novel, the children will figure out that the creature haunting Derry lives within its many tunnels. They will use one of these pumping stations to gain entry into the tunnels.

Richie suggests that he and Bill go back to Bill's house to check out the photo album in Georgie's room. When they arrive, Richie discovers that Georgie's school picture is gone and has been replaced by a photograph of Derry from somewhere in the past. As they stare at the photo, it begins to move. Bill is so fascinated, he tries to touch the picture. Bill's fingers actually enter the picture and, when Richie pulls them back, they are ringed with cuts. The theme of magic once more enters the narration in this story as the reader tries to figure out how Bill's fingers could enter a picture and what caused the cuts. It is also important to note here the balloons that the boys see in the picture. Balloons and a clown seem to be a major theme of the creature that is haunting the town of Derry.

Richie goes to the movies with Beverly and Ben. Richie's invitation not only includes Beverly in the circle of friends that are forming, but also proves once more that Ben is a member of this exclusive circle. The invitation also explores the theme of friendship as these three outcasts find each other and begin to forge a bond that will play a major role in the continuing development of the novel. After the movies, the children sneak out the side door to avoid Henry Bowers, the town bully. However, Henry is waiting for them in the alley. Rather than be beat up, as they might have been before, they manage to out maneuver Henry and his friends. Ben, Beverly and Richie's escape marks a change in the status quo of these characters, noting a change in their behavior and outlook on life.

Richie and Bill then decide to go to 29 Neibolt Street to check out Eddie's story and to find and kill the creature that killed Georgie. Bill and Richie confirm Eddie's story but still decide to go inside the house. Once inside, they are confronted by a creature that Richie sees as the werewolf from the movie he had seen a few days earlier. The creature comes after them, and Bill tries to kill it, but appears to not be successful. The creature continues to follow them, nearly ripping Richie off the back of Silver before it disappears the same way it appeared. Richie faints of fright, leaving the reader wondering if Richie will participate in any more of Bill's schemes to try to kill the creature that he believes killed his brother.

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