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It - Part Two, June of 1958: Chapter 6, One of the MIssing: A Tale from the Summer of '58 Summary & Analysis

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Part Two, June of 1958: Chapter 6, One of the MIssing: A Tale from the Summer of '58 Summary

Edward Corcoran has gone missing, one of many in Derry the police put down as runaways. His parents did not report him missing immediately as Edward has a difficult relationship with his stepfather. The mother suspected that since it was the last day of school, Eddie did not come home out of fear of his stepfather's reaction to his final report card. However, Eddie remains missing. Eddie's disappearance causes the police and local reporters to become curious about the death of Eddie's brother, Dorsey, the previous year. An examination of the body proved that Dorsey had been beaten to death with a blunt instrument, most likely a hammer. Dorsey and Eddie's father is arrested and put on trial for Dorsey's death.

Eddie is dead. Eddie intends to spend the night in Bassey Park, because his grades are bad. He knows his stepfather will beat him because of that. Eddie's stepfather routinely beats him, and Eddie suspects that he killed Dorsey with a hammer that their stepfather always insisted no one touch but him. Eddie knows he is safer staying anywhere but home tonight. However, while Eddie is in Bassey Park, he first sees Dorsey in the form of a rotting corpse and then is chased and eventually killed by a creature that looks like the Creature from the Black Lagoon. No one hears Eddie scream. The next morning, Mike Hanlon comes to Bassey Park, finds Eddie's pocket knife and sees evidence of the struggle between Eddie and the monster, but does not know what it is that he sees.

Mike Hanlon lives with his parents on a working farm. A working farm is a lot of work, and Mike is expected to put in several hours of work, even during the school year. However, on occasion, instead of a list of chores, Mike's father will leave permission for Mike to go fishing or will give him a place to go where his father believes Mike will learn something. Mike's father is an amateur historian and likes to share the things he knows about Derry with Mike, such as taking him to see the tramp chair the sheriff's office once used to discourage tramps from staying in Derry. Along these lines, Mike comes home one day and finds a note instructing him to explore the site of the Kitchener Ironworks explosion.

At the turn of the century, the largest employer in Derry was the Kitchener Ironworks. Easter of 1905, the Ironworks hosted an egg hunt for the children of Derry. The entire building was shut down for the day, and eggs were hidden within the safer areas of the plant. There was no reason for anyone to believe anything bad would happen. However, somehow the entire works exploded for unknown reasons and more than a hundred people were killed, the majority of which were children. It is here that Mike's father has sent him. While exploring what is left of the site, Mike feels drawn to the hole in the ground that was once the cellar of the massive building. Inside, Mike discovers an impossibly huge bird.

The bird, similar to one in a movie Mike saw the night before, comes out of the cellar and chases after Mike. Mike runs to the smokestack and crawls in as deep as he can, out of reach of the massive bird. Mike then collects the tiles that once lined the inside of the smokestack and begins to throw them at the bird, scaring it off. Mike escapes and rushes home, frightened beyond words at the experience. However, Mike says nothing to his parents when he arrives home, sure they would not believe him if he did.

Part Two, June of 1958: Chapter 6, One of the MIssing: A Tale from the Summer of '58 Analysis

Eddie Corcoran has gone missing, and the police begin to investigate his parents as possible suspects. Immediately, the police realize that the death of Eddie's brother, Dorsey, cannot be a coincidence. When it is discovered that Dorsey was beaten to death, the police assume Eddie is also a victim of his stepfather's terrible rage. This is common to the Derry police who have so many missing and dead children that they cannot imagine there is one entity causing their deaths. This is how the police keep from admitting to themselves that there is something wrong in their town.

Mike stumbles on the truth of Eddie's death even though he does not know what it is he sees. Mike is a simple young man, the son of a farmer and his wife, who does not have any experience with the violence of murder. However, the evidence of Eddie's death does cause Mike to recall a time when his father, an amateur historian, sends him to the Kitchener Ironworks, and he is nearly killed by a giant bird. This bird is similar to one that Mike saw recently in a movie, and it seems incredibly real. Mike can smell it and, when it tries to get him, Mike can feel its malice and determination. Mike manages to get away from this monster bird, but only because he became angry and fought back. Mike's reaction to the bird begins a pattern of behavior that the reader will soon begin to recognize in the other major characters of the novel. Mike's reaction is also unusual to a child of his age and maturity, suggesting something different about Mike that will again show itself in the other characters of the novel.

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