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It - Derry: The First Interlude Summary & Analysis

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Derry: The First Interlude Summary

Mike writes in his diary that he believes that Derry is haunted. Strange things happen in Derry, violent things, in cycles that seem to span twenty-five to twenty-seven years. Mike is an amateur historian and spends a great deal of his time talking to the old folks in Derry. There seems to be a code of silence in Derry keeping people from talking about the darkest, strangest moments in Derry history. However, Mike has gotten a few people to speak and has learned about voices coming from drains, murders that were allowed to take place in town, and hate crimes that seemed to come out of the blue. All of these things happen in regular intervals, as though there is some force at work, some force that feeds off of violence and tragedy.

The death rate in Derry is much higher than other cities larger than Derry. This death rate is especially high during these cycles, especially among children. The last time a large number of children were murdered or went missing was a cycle between the fall of 1957, beginning with George Dunbrough's death, and ending in August of 1958. Mike believes it is beginning to happen again and if it is, he has to call his friends. However, Mike does not want to make the phone calls until he is absolutely sure.

Derry: The First Interlude Analysis

Mike keeps a diary in which he records his thoughts as well as history of Derry. Mike is frightened; this comes through clearly in his writings. The stories that Mike hears and reports in this diary are of violence and death that should not happen in a town as small as Derry. Mike learns about violence that has come in cycles as far back as the founding of the town. Derry has a high rate of child deaths, yet no one seems to be concerned about it. There is something basically wrong in Derry, and this makes the reader think about the clown in the first two chapters and the deaths of Adrian and George.

Mike believes that the cycle is beginning again. The death of Adrian reported in the second chapter seems to suggest this is possible. Not only this, but the previous chapter suggests that Mike will come to the conclusion soon that the cycle has begun as he has made the phone calls that he suggests he does not want to make in this diary. The reader does not know what happened after the writing of this diary entry that made Mike make the phone calls, but knows it must be something terrible, as suggested by the violence Mike has mentioned earlier in the diary entry.

This section contains 457 words
(approx. 2 pages at 400 words per page)
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