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S. D. Perry
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"Caliban Cove" by S. D. Perry is the second novel in the Residence Evil series about zombies originating from research into biological weapons. Shortly after her team is devastated in Raccoon City, eighteen-year-old chemist Rebecca Chambers is recruited for a similar mission in Caliban Cove, ME. Rebecca agrees and is eager to do her part of end Umbrella's atrocious research. "Caliban Cove" is an intriguing but terrifying novel that poses the question of what could happen when insane researchers experiment with viruses designed to be used as biological warfare.

When Rebecca meets David at Barry's house, she learns that S.T.A.R.S. has been bribed or blackmailed by Umbrella. When David asks her to accompany him to an Umbrella facility in Caliban Cove where he suspects similar activities as in Raccoon City, she agrees, eager to do her part. Unfortunately, as Barry's team plans, they are attacked by Umbrella forces led by members of S.T.A.R.S. Barry, Chris, and Jill hide in Brad's cottage, planning to try to find more information, while Rebecca accompanies David to Caliban Cove. At Caliban Cove, Dr. Griffith thinks about his wonderful accomplishment, transforming the T-Virus to steal humans' ability to make decisions, which he plans to release at dawn tomorrow through an airborne pathogen, intending to infect the entire world.

After Rebecca and David join his team, Steve, John, and Karen, the five S.T.A.R.S. set out for Caliban Cove, but they are forced to shore when their raft is overturned by monstrous creatures. In between taking refuge and battling Trisquads, zombie trained with guns, the team solves riddles left by Dr. Ammon, the Caliban Cove researcher that alerted Mr. Trent, the S.T.A.R.S.'s mysterious benefactor, to the situation at the facility. When Karen is infected during Ammon's tests, the team decides to infiltrate the lab in search of a cure; however, Dr. Griffith sends one of his slave doctors to separate the group and take Karen and Steve hostage while he releases the Ma7s, violent and unpredictable creatures, to kill David, Rebecca and John. As Karen succumbs to the virus, Dr. Griffith takes advantage of Steve's distraction to inject him with his "gift". He then sends Steve, now under his control, to shoot John and trap Rebecca and David in the airlock which he intends to flood. Dr. Griffith talks to Rebecca and David, but furious that they do not understand the beauty of his gift, he orders Steve to kill himself.

As David loses all hope, Rebecca worries about Griffith releasing the virus on the world, and when she recalls the grenade that Karen carries for luck, David drops it into the door, killing Griffith and allowing Rebecca and David to swim to the surface where they are retrieved by the Philadelphia S.T.A.R.S. team that Barry contacted. John also manages to escape, and his wounds are tended by a medic while the rest of the Philadelphia S.T.A.R.S. team retrieves the T-Virus canisters from the flooded labs. David falls asleep as he plots to make Umbrella pay for his part in the events that transpired at Caliban Cove. Elsewhere, Mr. Trent agrees to three Umbrella executives' request for a more thorough investigation, but he is uncertain how long he can continue to play this game.

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This section contains 567 words
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