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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who wrote the poem "To You"?
(a) Walt Whitman.
(b) Henry James.
(c) William Shakespeare.
(d) Henry David Thoreau.

2. What is the view that salvation of the world is not possible?
(a) Ascetism.
(b) Meliorism.
(c) Optimism.
(d) Pessimism.

3. What stance does James attribute to being the way out of monism?
(a) Witness stance.
(b) Intelligence stance.
(c) Pragmatist stance.
(d) Determinist stance.

4. James believes the salvation approach relies on what kind of experience?
(a) Depressing.
(b) Happy.
(c) Divine.
(d) Solitude.

5. According to James, 'each' and 'whole' are levels of what?
(a) Attention.
(b) Ignorance.
(c) Witness.
(d) Intelligence.

Short Answer Questions

1. Fechner believed that consciousness is based on which of the following?

2. According to James, noetic pluralism indicates which of the following?

3. What is the first sub-category of spiritualism that James discusses?

4. James asserts that inquiry is secondly designed to evaluate which of the following?

5. Which definition is most close to the definition of healthy-mindedness?

Short Essay Questions

1. What assertions does James make about ignorance?

2. What does noetic pluralism indicate to James?

3. How does James describe reasoning as a part of rationalism?

4. How does James define the results of excess?

5. According to James, what is inquiry designed for?

6. How does James designate the difference between those who are saintly and those who are not?

7. Why does James believe that religion should be based on an individual level?

8. Why does James mention Hegel?

9. Describe the pragmatic and pluralistic way of looking at "To You."

10. What is the empiricist position?

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