Objects & Places from Writings, 1902-1910

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University of Chicago

This school is headed up by John Dewey.

Manchester College

This is the location of the lectures given on the pluralistic universe.

Edinburgh, Scotland

This is the location of the Gifford lectures on natural religion.

Harvard University

This is the location of William James' faculty appointment.

Oxford University

This is the home of Schiller who shared similar philosophical leanings as Dewey and James.

The Universe

This is described as being of a pluralistic or monistic nature, containing the whole of everything.

The Unseen

This is described as a wider and higher expanse of abstract ideas that lend significance.


This is where James consulted someone trained in mental healing to address his health concerns.


This can be thought of as a maladjustment between one's life and the environment.


This is a symbolic designation for the point at which one state of mind passes...

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