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Lesson 1 (from The Varieties of Religious Experience Section 1 (Lectures I-X))


The Varieties of Religious Experience Section 1 (Lectures I-X)

The lectures in James' book are structured in a way that allows the reader to interpret James' ideas and hypotheses in a logical order. This makes the concepts easier to read and more effective, since the order is reasonable and builds onto previous arguments. James uses lectures instead of narration to provide the reader with information. This lesson will focus on the significance of the structure of the lectures in the book.


1) Class Discussion: Does the format of James' ideas in the format of lectures make the text easier to read? Are the concepts easy to understand? Is this structure effective? Would you recommend that a philosopher use a similar structure to write a book?

2) Group Discussion: What is the difference between a lecture and narration? Why are the sections called lectures instead of essays or chapters...

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