Writings, 1902-1910 Character Descriptions

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John Dewey

This person was an American philosopher operating out of the University of Chicago.

Georg Hegel

This person refuses to account for experiential data because 'they are not their own others.'

Gustav Fechner

This person, who is very concrete and gives extreme attention to detail, was born in Saxony to a pastor.

Henri Bergson

This person was born in Paris, France, and enters ecole normale superieure at twenty-two. The person teaches at lycees for seventeen years before becoming a professor.

E. D. Starbuck

This person does a great deal of work in California on the psychology of religion.

Immanuel Kant

This person is a philosopher who extends his purview into religion and believes that objects such as the belief in God, the soul, etc. are not true 'objects of knowledge.'

Walt Whitman

This person, who never argues or speaks of money, appears to have the...

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