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Harm de Blij
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do geographers analyze using the gravity model?
(a) The history of Earth.
(b) Current events.
(c) Interaction between cities.
(d) Plate tectonics.

2. What is the biggest problem facing relief agencies trying to provide food for famine victims?
(a) Lack of money to pay for food.
(b) Problems with food distribution.
(c) Lack of fertilizer and insecticide for crops.
(d) Continuing drought.

3. Which of the following maps has the smallest scale?
(a) A map of the United States.
(b) A map of the world.
(c) A map of a city.
(d) A map of a city block.

4. When did the nation-state emerge in Europe?
(a) Between 1450 and 1550.
(b) Between 1650 and 1850.
(c) Between 1250 and 1450.
(d) Between 1850 and 1950.

5. What issue has caused conflicts along the border between Germany and the Netherlands?
(a) Civil rights.
(b) Mining rights.
(c) Human rights.
(d) Water rights.

Short Answer Questions

1. What reason did Iraq give for invading Kuwait just before the first Gulf War?

2. In which of the following countries is the population decreasing?

3. Which of the following revolutions occurred during the time period in which the nation-state was becoming popular?

4. How long ago did the glaciers from the last Ice Age begin to recede?

5. What life forms are threatened during Earth's Ice Ages?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is it a problem for Europe's population to decline?

2. How has the Moon's position in Earth's sky changed since Earth's early years?

3. What is divided by national and international borders besides what you can see on a two-dimensional map?

4. What does de Blij mean when he says that geography is an antidote for isolationism and provincialism?

5. How do scientists think that Earth might have acquired its oceans?

6. Explain what the climate has been like during Earth's current geologic period, the Pleistocene.

7. What is the Exclusive Economic Zone?

8. How has the job market for geographers changed in recent years, according to de Blij?

9. Why can't Europe solve its population problem simply by increasing immigration?

10. How does de Blij feel that U.S. power is changing with regard to China and India?

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