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Harm de Blij
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Russia's population declining?
(a) War.
(b) Famine.
(c) Epidemic diseases.
(d) Social dislocation.

2. How does Europe's population compare with the population of the United States?
(a) Europe has about the same size population as the United States.
(b) Europe has half the population of the United States.
(c) Europe is about four times more populous than the United States.
(d) Europe has twice the population of the United States.

3. How have Chinese nationalists reacted to American foreign policy decisions?
(a) With anti-Americanism.
(b) With approval.
(c) With terrorism.
(d) With economic warfare.

4. According to de Blij, what is geographically contentious about Europe?
(a) Its offshore mineral rights.
(b) Its eastern border.
(c) Its cultural rivalries.
(d) Its shared currency.

5. Which of the following cities is a popular haven for terrorists?
(a) New York.
(b) Paris.
(c) Cairo.
(d) Mexico City.

6. What is the Triple Frontier?
(a) Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh.
(b) Mexico, El Salvador, and Honduras.
(c) Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil.
(d) Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

7. What three groups fought over China in the early 20th century?
(a) Mongols, Koreans, and the Vietnamese.
(b) Corporations, human rights agencies, and the United Nations.
(c) Northerners, Southerners, and guerilla revolutionaries.
(d) Nationalists, Communists, and the Japanese.

8. When did the Qing Dynasty collapse?
(a) In 820.
(b) In 1610.
(c) In 1911.
(d) In 2000.

9. How do subsidizing American farmers hurt Africans?
(a) It makes it impossible for African farmers to compete in the global market.
(b) It takes away money that would otherwise be sent to Africa.
(c) It makes it harder for African farmers to get subsidies from other countries too.
(d) It does not give African farmers an incentive to work more efficiently.

10. Why should Americans take a special interest in Africa?
(a) Because an African country may someday become a superpower.
(b) Because the United States needs immigrants from Africa.
(c) Because the African-American population has ancestral links to Africa.
(d) Because African countries need American foreign aid.

11. How does de Blij think that the U.S. should react to terrorist attacks on airplanes?
(a) Require all American passengers to carry passports with them at all times.
(b) Stop allowing people from other countries to enter the United States.
(c) Ground all planes and institute stricter security measures after each attack.
(d) Resume normal operations as quickly as possible after an attack.

12. What is a fatwa?
(a) A holy war.
(b) A religious pilgrimmage.
(c) A proclamation dictating how Muslims should live.
(d) An extremist Islamic school.

13. What rationale did Russian President Vladimir Putin give for taking away some rights and freedoms from Russians?
(a) Russia's allies were insisting on the restoration of authoritarian rule.
(b) He needed more power in order to restore order.
(c) Russia should cherish its authoritarian roots.
(d) During the Soviet period, there were no Chechnya-like conflicts.

14. What is the name for the area in which the cities of Ramadi, Tikrit, Baghdad, and Fallujah lie?
(a) The Sunni Triangle.
(b) The Shi'ite Triangle.
(c) The Kurdish Triangle.
(d) The Hussein Triangle.

15. What river does de Blij refer to as the "Mississippi of West Africa"?
(a) The Niger.
(b) The Limpopo.
(c) The Nile.
(d) The Zambezi.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does de Blij feel that it is appropriate to end Why Geography Matters with a chapter on Africa?

2. What was the Cultural Revolution?

3. What are China's current territorial claims based on?

4. What other country supported the mujahideen in Afghanistan?

5. Why is sub-Saharan Africa so isolated?

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