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Roger Lowenstein
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Fall.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. By the end of August 1998, what market had practically stopped trading altogether?
(a) Stock markets.
(b) International markets.
(c) Gold markets.
(d) Bond markets.

2. What affected bond trading in the 1970's?
(a) The democratic elections.
(b) The price of commodities.
(c) The Vietnam War.
(d) The international monetary crisis.

3. In 1996, what was Long-Term seeking from the bank that would handle their credit?
(a) Asset storage.
(b) Legitimacy.
(c) Tax shelter.
(d) Cash flow.

4. What did Meriwether warn his investors against in 1994?
(a) A repeat performance.
(b) Not investing enough with Long-Term.
(c) Further growth.
(d) His early retirement.

5. Who charged Long-Term much lower fees than other clients?
(a) The hospitality industry.
(b) The Federal Reserve.
(c) Brokerage firms.
(d) NYSE.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Long-Term do with off-the-run bonds?

2. What hedge fund caused a pound devaluation in Europe but made over a billion dollars?

3. Where was the London office for Long-Term located?

4. What did banks and investors want from Long-Term?

5. How much did Long-Term plan to take from its profits?

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