When Genius Failed Fun Activities

Roger Lowenstein
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The Financial Market

Write a one page report on the history of the United States financial market. Volunteers will present their report in front of the class.

The Value of Money

In "When Genius Failed", staggering amounts of money are mentioned. Imagine you could go on a shopping spree for five of your favorite items. Create a list of what these items are with a picture and a price. Now, imagine your budget was $1 billion. Determine how many of each item you could buy with $1 billion.

The Salomon Brothers

Long-Term was started due to the information John Meriwether learned at the Salomon Brothers. Create a brief report on this company, including its:

1) History.

2) Reputation.

3) Current status.

Stock Market

Using paper or monopoly money and the following items as commodities, create a mock commodities market. Assign half of the class to write out the trades and the other half...

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