When Genius Failed Character Descriptions

Roger Lowenstein
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John Meriwether - This person founded the Arbitrage Group.

Lawrence Hilibrand - This man was the strongest trader at Long-Term.

Victor J. Haghani - This Iranian American managed the London office of Long-Term.

Eric Rosenfeld - This former professor worked at Long-Term and formed a software company.

Robert C. Merton - This Nobel Prize recipient once worked at Harvard.

Myron Scholes - This famous economist was the son of an Ontario dentist.

Warren Buffet - This Omaha millionaire was on the Salomon board of directors.

David W. Mullins - This former vice chairman of the Federal Reserve System worked with Meriwether.

Jon Corzine - This bond trader worked at Goldman Sachs.

John Gutfreund - This managing partner at Salomon Brothers resigned due to scandal.

George Soros - This currency speculator headed up the Quantum Fund.

Alan Greenspan - This Chairman of the Federal Reserve System worked to...

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