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Jean Shepherd
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the narrator, as an adult, receive from his mother?
(a) A BB gun she never let him have when he was a kid.
(b) A letter in which she says she recently saw Daphne.
(c) A package of childhood mementos.
(d) A childhood book that she should have sent to Randy instead.

2. When the doorman retrieves a childhood toy for the adult narrator, who does he have to fight for it?
(a) Local auctioneer.
(b) Thrift shop owner.
(c) Little boy who had picked it up.
(d) Senile old man who found it.

3. How does the narrator's memorable prom night end?
(a) He rips his suit and has to pay for damages.
(b) He runs out of gas and has to walk back home.
(c) He passes out on the sidewalk and wakes up to a dog licking his face.
(d) He hastily says goodbye to his date and runs down the street, where he throws up.

4. What is the name of the Bigelow family's chauffeur?
(a) Drew.
(b) Anthony.
(c) Raymond.
(d) Boris.

5. Who does the narrator find in his biology class?
(a) A girl with an enormous crush on him.
(b) The smartest girl he's ever met.
(c) The most annoying girl he's ever met.
(d) The girl of his dreams.

Short Answer Questions

1. The prom outfit for each boy includes a white jacket, dark trousers, shoes, socks, shirt, tie, boutonniere, and what else?

2. Why is the adult narrator embarrassed when the doorman sees him?

3. How does the narrator invite the girl of his dreams on a date?

4. When the Spring Dance is announced, who does the narrator decide to invite?

5. By the time Josie and the narrator have reached their homes walking from the grocery store, what has transpired?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens to the adult narrator's fire chief hat?

2. Describe the narrator's first major encounter with Josephine.

3. How does the narrator get his fire chief hat back?

4. Describe some of the pre-prom rituals.

5. How does the narrator prepare for his date with Josephine?

6. What is the Wimpy Doll?

7. When the narrator asks Daphne out on a date, and she agrees, what daydreams go through his mind?

8. Describe the narrator's trip to Daphne's house.

9. How does the narrator's prom night end?

10. Describe Daphne Bigelow, the girl of the narrator's dreams.

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