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Jean Shepherd
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who successfully rings the bell at the County Fair strong man exhibit?
(a) The Old Man.
(b) Randy.
(c) Caleb.
(d) Mother.

2. What is the Old Man's greatest nemesis?
(a) The radiator in his house.
(b) Scut Farkas.
(c) Bumpus hounds.
(d) His old Pontiac.

3. On the family road trip, where do the narrator and his brother fit in a car that is so full of supplies?
(a) The front seat with Mother and the Old Man.
(b) Sitting on top of the cooler in the far back.
(c) The tiny travel trailer hitched to the car.
(d) Two tiny cubicles inside the vehicle.

4. How do the boys prepare for their Michigan vacation?
(a) Gathering their collection of fishing tackle and a BB gun.
(b) Packing books, games, art supplies, and cameras.
(c) Fighting while Mother and the Old Man do all the packing.
(d) Reading about Michigan in their travel books.

5. When the Old Man gets himself a beer at the fair, what does he get for his older son?
(a) Shirley Temple.
(b) Spiced cider.
(c) Banana milkshake.
(d) Orange Nehi.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Scut Farkas?

2. What does the Old Man find touching when he's looking at the County Fair quilts with his family?

3. The narrator lives in Northern Indiana with whom?

4. At the start of Story Four, what reminds the narrator of his annual family vacations to Clear Lake, Michigan?

5. What is the Old Man's absolute favorite ride at the County Fair?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the Old Man feel towards the Bumpus family?

2. Describe some of the interesting sights the four members of the Shepherd family see while they are together at the County Fair.

3. How does the house next door to the Shepherds transform after the Bumpus family moves in?

4. What is top spinning, and why are the boys of Warren G. Harding Elementary School so obsessed with this pastime?

5. How does the narrator trick Farkas into challenging him to a battle of spinning tops?

6. Where do the Bumpuses make their illegal liquor?

7. During their road trip, the narrator is convinced that he left his fishing gear back home. What does he discover about his gear at the end of the story?

8. What happens after the narrator uses a dummy top and lets Farkas win the first round?

9. What are some of the misadventures the family experiences on their drive to Michigan?

10. Summarize how Mother prepares the traditional Easter ham.

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