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Jean Shepherd
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Once the family arrives at the County Fair, the narrator accompanies his father where?
(a) Riding the bumper cars.
(b) To the dusty dirt track.
(c) Riding the carousel.
(d) To the fire-breathing act.

2. What do Mother and the boys do while the Old Man changes a flat tire on their way to Michigan?
(a) Become lost in nearby woods.
(b) Picnic by the side of the road.
(c) Help the Old Man.
(d) Stop at a convenience store.

3. The night before the County Fair, the Old Man says he doesn't care if Mother checks out the quilts and raspberry jams so long as he and the narrator can do what?
(a) Ride the "Lightning Strike" roller coaster.
(b) Eat hot dogs, cotton candy, and funnel cakes.
(c) Watch the parade.
(d) Watch the first heat of the dirt track races.

4. As the family drives to the lake, what happens when a chicken truck passes them?
(a) Randy has a sneezing fit because of his allergy to feathers.
(b) It breaks down in front of them and they are stuck for hours.
(c) The contents of their roof rack fall.
(d) They have to put up with feathers and a foul smell for miles.

5. What name does the narrator give his "weapon"?
(a) Puma.
(b) Bear.
(c) Wolf.
(d) Dog.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the final spinning top battle between Farkas and the narrator conclude?

2. The Taylors, who lived next door to the narrator and his family for many years before the Bumpus family moved in, were what?

3. What is the Old Man's greatest nemesis?

4. Who goes on the Old Man's favorite ride at the County Fair?

5. Who is Scut Farkas?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the narrator's family react when he says that he's asked Daphne Bigelow out on a date?

2. Describe the yard of the Bumpus family.

3. Describe Daphne's and the narrator's date.

4. Describe the narrator's first major encounter with Josephine.

5. Describe the Shepherd family's annual summer vacation.

6. Explain how the narrator prepares for his spinning tops battle against Farkas.

7. Describe the race that the Old Man and the narrator watch at the County Fair.

8. Why does the narrator grow more and more uncomfortable at the party with Josephine?

9. What is top spinning, and why are the boys of Warren G. Harding Elementary School so obsessed with this pastime?

10. How does the narrator describe getting to the County Fair?

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