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Jean Shepherd
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What conflict does the narrator face between the girl next door and basketball?
(a) He loves basketball, but she has an irrational fear of basketball courts.
(b) She wants to watch him play basketball, but he's no good.
(c) Her boyfriend is on the narrator's basketball team.
(d) He's attending a party with her on the night of a big basketball game.

2. While the narrator is watering the lawn, who walks by?
(a) Daphne Bigelow.
(b) Wanda Hickey.
(c) Mr. Pulaski.
(d) Scut Farkas.

3. What sounds does the narrator hear from the package that he receives as an adult?
(a) A duck quacking and the clanking of contents.
(b) Shattered glass and a bell.
(c) A mechanical whirring and a strange squeak.
(d) The sounds of springs and gears.

4. When the Spring Dance is announced, who does the narrator decide to invite?
(a) Wanda Hickey.
(b) Josie Cosnowski.
(c) Daphne Bigelow.
(d) Penelope Sanders.

5. At the end of Story 7, what does the narrator do with his box of childhood memories?
(a) Burns it.
(b) Donates it to Goodwill.
(c) Puts it away in his closet.
(d) Mails it to his brother.

6. Long after the Bumpuses move out, who moves in next door to the narrator?
(a) Czechoslovakian family.
(b) Polish family.
(c) Lithuanian family.
(d) Ukrainian family.

7. How does the narrator invite the girl of his dreams on a date?
(a) Romantically.
(b) Awkwardly.
(c) Has a friend ask for him.
(d) With a note.

8. The night of his date with Josie, the narrator arrives with what?
(a) A box of chocolates.
(b) The family car.
(c) A bouquet of flowers.
(d) His bicycle.

9. When Mr. Bigelow chats with the narrator as he waits for Daphne at her house, the man mistakes the young man for who?
(a) The son of a wealthy socialite.
(b) One of Daphne's former boyfriends.
(c) A member of the Bumpus family.
(d) One of the Pittsburgh Steel Shepherds.

10. The Bigelow family's chauffeur drives Daphne and the narrator to the Orpheum in what?
(a) Limousine.
(b) Convertible.
(c) Rolls Royce.
(d) Jaguar.

11. Once inside the party location with Josie, the narrator realizes he's at a what?
(a) Church.
(b) Community center.
(c) Movie theater.
(d) School.

12. Where must the narrator and his friends rent prom clothes from?
(a) Al Swank's Formalwear.
(b) Gizelle's Swanky Threads.
(c) Anthony's Fancy Clothes.
(d) Julie Bee's Formal Suits & Gowns.

13. In Story 7, the narrator is what?
(a) Fully grown.
(b) Celebrating his eighteenth birthday.
(c) Just starting out on his own.
(d) Applying for a job.

14. How does the narrator's memorable prom night end?
(a) He passes out on the sidewalk and wakes up to a dog licking his face.
(b) He runs out of gas and has to walk back home.
(c) He hastily says goodbye to his date and runs down the street, where he throws up.
(d) He rips his suit and has to pay for damages.

15. What do Schwartz and the narrator order after finishing the first item they order?
(a) Another round.
(b) Red wine.
(c) Ice cream sodas.
(d) Cherry cokes.

Short Answer Questions

1. As an adult, the narrator is a former what?

2. What does the narrator do when he meets Josie on the way home from Pulaski's store?

3. By the time Josie and the narrator have reached their homes walking from the grocery store, what has transpired?

4. In the community, who is Maxwell Bigelow, Daphne's father?

5. In Story Five, when the narrator, Schwartz, and Flick hitchhike home from school, who picks them up?

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