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Jean Shepherd
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Randy starts to whine the night before the County Fair, what does Mother promise him?
(a) Taffy apple.
(b) Chocolate donut.
(c) Peach candy.
(d) Cream soda.

2. What is the Old Man's absolute favorite ride at the County Fair?
(a) Lightning Strike.
(b) Whirligig Rocket Whip.
(c) Enormo Gordo Run.
(d) Torpedo Blaster.

3. What happens when Grover Dill insults Delbert Bumpus' name?
(a) Delbert charges at him.
(b) The narrator laughs loudly.
(c) Delbert tells a teacher.
(d) The narrator makes fun of Grover's name.

4. Once the family arrives at the County Fair, the narrator accompanies his father where?
(a) To the fire-breathing act.
(b) To the dusty dirt track.
(c) Riding the bumper cars.
(d) Riding the carousel.

5. At what point does the narrator realize they are halfway to their Michigan destination?
(a) After he almost faints from dehydration and heat exhaustion.
(b) When the contents of the car have shifted so much he can no longer move.
(c) When Randy throws up, because he does this every year at the halfway mark.
(d) After they've been driving for six hours without stopping.

6. The Taylors, who lived next door to the narrator and his family for many years before the Bumpus family moved in, were what?
(a) Quiet.
(b) Educators.
(c) Circus performers.
(d) Eccentric.

7. Where does the narrator's family stay during their vacations in Clear Lake, Michigan?
(a) Jack Morton's cabin.
(b) Ollie Hopnoodle's resort.
(c) A houseboat.
(d) A semi-permanent tent.

8. What does the Old Man admire about his favorite ride at the County Fair?
(a) It's a fine piece of machinery.
(b) Very few dare to get on such a wild ride.
(c) It makes him feel like a teenager again.
(d) It's just the right length.

9. What person does the forty-seven pound pumpkin at the County Fair resemble?
(a) Elvis Presley.
(b) Benjamin Franklin.
(c) Franklin D. Roosevelt.
(d) Theodore Roosevelt.

10. Wanting to beat Scut Farkas at his game, what does the narrator do?
(a) Sets up a practice schedule to hone his skills.
(b) Reads a book written by a master top spinner.
(c) Gets Flick to teach him new techniques.
(d) Spies on Farkas to see how he does it.

11. What does the Old Man do trying to get a glimpse of the new family that moves in next door?
(a) Tears the window shade.
(b) Knocks over a lamp.
(c) Stubs his toe.
(d) Hits his head.

12. For the family's Michigan trip, what does the Old Man pack into the Sears luggage rack on the car roof?
(a) Heavy, bulky items including chairs, beach umbrellas, and golf clubs.
(b) Mother's things because she won't be needing them during the drive.
(c) A canoe, including oars and life vests.
(d) Camping equipment, including the portable stove and folded tent.

13. When Mother prepares the ham, she tops it with what?
(a) A maraschino cherry.
(b) A cup of sherry.
(c) Cranberry sauce.
(d) Apple slices.

14. The narrator and his family eat practically the same thing every day, except on what occasion?
(a) Fourth of July.
(b) New Year's.
(c) Easter.
(d) Halloween.

15. Once the Shepherds get to the County Fair, Randy accompanies his mother to see what?
(a) The clown acts.
(b) Some of the home crafts.
(c) The dogs and cats show.
(d) A magic show.

Short Answer Questions

1. Does the narrator tell his friends about his training and his intentions to beat Scut Farkas?

2. What type of student is Delbert Bumpus?

3. Who goes on the Old Man's favorite ride at the County Fair?

4. The narrator notes that the only way to get his father going in the morning is with what?

5. On the family road trip, where do the narrator and his brother fit in a car that is so full of supplies?

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