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Jean Shepherd
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Story 7, The Return of the Smiling Wimpy Doll Summary:.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During the family's road trip to Michigan, why does Mother suddenly insist that the Old Man stop the car?
(a) She knows Randy is about to throw up.
(b) She needs to check on the narrator, who looks overheated and dehydrated.
(c) They haven't had a bathroom stop in six hours.
(d) The contents of the car have shifted and she's getting squished by supplies.

2. What does the Old Man do trying to get a glimpse of the new family that moves in next door?
(a) Stubs his toe.
(b) Tears the window shade.
(c) Hits his head.
(d) Knocks over a lamp.

3. Where does the new family next door to the Shepherds move from?
(a) Boston.
(b) Chicago.
(c) Milwaukee.
(d) Detroit.

4. To the narrator, Daphne Bigelow is what?
(a) The school's biggest braniac.
(b) Snobbish, elitist, and no fun to be around.
(c) Charming, funny, and witty, but accident prone.
(d) The personification of everything ideal in a girl.

5. What marks the start of the Shepherd-Bumpus feud?
(a) Blaring country music is played every night.
(b) The Old Man calls the Bumpus family country hicks.
(c) Mr. Bumpus rams his truck into the Old Man's porch.
(d) The ham is taken by the hounds.

Short Answer Questions

1. The night of his first date with the neighbor girl, how long does it take the narrator to bathe and groom?

2. What is the second item the narrator pulls out of the package he receives as an adult?

3. When the narrator is invited inside his neighbors' house, what is he expected to do while he waits for Josie to finish getting ready?

4. How long does the Shepherd-Bumpus feud last?

5. Who answers the door when the narrator goes to Daphne's house?

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