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Jean Shepherd
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Story Four, Ollie Hopnoodle's Haven of Bliss.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the Old Man gets himself a beer at the fair, what does he get for his older son?
(a) Shirley Temple.
(b) Banana milkshake.
(c) Spiced cider.
(d) Orange Nehi.

2. The Old Man is loyal to the Oldsmobile, but he deviates from his dedication to drive what automobile brand?
(a) Pontiac.
(b) Cadillac.
(c) Buick.
(d) Saturn.

3. When the narrator tells his father that he forgot to pack something important for the Michigan trip, what happens?
(a) The Old Man reprimands him while he weeps.
(b) Mother tells him to not worry because he'll have fun anyway.
(c) Randy laughs at him until the narrator punches him.
(d) The Old Man stops at a store to buy another one.

4. How many Bumpuses move next door to the narrator and his family?
(a) Twelve Bumpuses and three of their friends.
(b) Thirteen.
(c) Nine.
(d) Nobody knows for sure.

5. How does the narrator describe the sound that his spinning top makes?
(a) Cold and hissing, like a snake.
(b) Bold and thunderous, like a storm.
(c) Loud and wailing, like a ghost.
(d) Stealthy and quiet, like a ninja.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the little wooden house with the moon on the door found in the Bumpus' yard?

2. The narrator realizes he has found his weapon when the black-shawled lady pulls what out of a box?

3. At the fair, who wins the dirt races by half a car length?

4. On Saturday night, right before the family trip to Michigan, what does the Old Man say about their departure?

5. Because of the crowds, how far away from the County Fair does the narrator say his father has to park?

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