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Jean Shepherd
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Story Five, The Star-crossed Romance of Josephine Cosnowski.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the narrator is invited inside his neighbors' house, what is he expected to do while he waits for Josie to finish getting ready?
(a) Reveal what he plans to do after high school.
(b) Share his life story with her parents.
(c) Stand in the hallway until she's ready.
(d) Partake of a heavy meal.

2. What happens when, during the family's road trip, the Old Man refuses the opportunity to purchase gas at the last station?
(a) They run out of gas at the resort entrance and have to push the car in.
(b) They run out of gas, the radiatior overheats, and a tire goes flat, all at the same time.
(c) Mother yells at him until he does a u-turn and gets gas.
(d) They run out of gas and he has to hike back for some.

3. The narrator lives in Northern Indiana with whom?
(a) Parents and grandmother.
(b) Father, mother, and brother.
(c) Father, mother, and sister.
(d) Parents and uncle.

4. Once the Shepherds get to the County Fair, Randy accompanies his mother to see what?
(a) The dogs and cats show.
(b) Some of the home crafts.
(c) The clown acts.
(d) A magic show.

5. What does Farkas mean when he challenges the narrator to play for keeps?
(a) Winner keeps the tops; the loser keeps away from the playground.
(b) Whoever loses the next round is never allowed to spin tops on the playground again.
(c) Both tops are released into a circle, and the first one to leave the circle loses.
(d) Whoever wins gets to take and keep the opponent's top.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the family that moves next door to the Shepherds long after the Bumpuses move out?

2. A week before taking his family to Michigan for their vacation, the Old Man makes a phone call to request what?

3. When the narrator emerges from the bathroom after bathing and grooming for his date with the girl next door, what condition is the bathroom in?

4. How many Bumpuses move next door to the narrator and his family?

5. The Old Man is loyal to the Oldsmobile, but he deviates from his dedication to drive what automobile brand?

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