Wanda Hickey's Night of Golden Memories Character Descriptions

Jean Shepherd
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Although never referred to by name, this character appears prominently in all the stories and introduces other main characters.

Old Man

This character awakens when new neighbors move next door, cursing them and the fact that he's stubbed his toe; the neighbors and their hounds become this character's main adversary.


This character is a quiet person who, for the most part, accepts life as it comes and spends much time preparing traditional meals for the family.

Kid Brother - Randy

This character constantly whines and would rather play with food than eat it.

Delbert Bumpus

This character rarely attends school, enjoys chewing and spitting, and is a social outcast who does not bathe regularly and lives with many animals.

Emil Bumpus

This tall character is an original redneck with huge hands made for hitting things; he once failed to notice that he'd been hit over the...

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