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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While they are on leave, what does Volpatte remind the rest of the squad of?
(a) They are heroes in the people's eyes.
(b) They will all become civilians again later.
(c) They may all be dead in eight days.
(d) They are fighting to protect the life people enjoy in the city.

2. What is an international trench?
(a) A trench built in no-man's land.
(b) A trench built by multiple allied nations.
(c) A trench with parts occupied by opposing forces.
(d) A trench containing troops from different allied nations.

3. What unusual preparation does Bertrand make for the offensive?
(a) He reads a meaningless passage from Leviticus to the men.
(b) He makes strange marks on the trench's walls with chalk.
(c) He takes a single bullet from each man's supplies.
(d) He attaches knives to certain soldier's greatcoats.

4. When the squad's march comes to a halt, there is always a competition for which of the following?
(a) Place in the food line.
(b) Tobacco.
(c) The first watch.
(d) Sleeping space.

5. Why does Joseph Mesnil go into "no man's land"?
(a) To search for his brother.
(b) Because he is drunk.
(c) Because he wants to die.
(d) To find a German rifle.

Short Answer Questions

1. Near the last stretch of his journey to bring the wounded Joseph to safety, the narrator encounters a wounded man that he compares to which of the following?

2. What does the Foreign Legionnaire try to give to his comrade?

3. What happens to some of the rats that eat the corpses on the battlefield?

4. What does the German demand of God?

5. What biblical location does the narrator allude to as he carries Joseph to safety?

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