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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Paradis insists that he and the narrator leave the farmhouse before what happens?
(a) The regiment's curfew begins.
(b) Muster is called.
(c) The sun rises.
(d) The old woman's daughter returns.

2. What does a sapper do?
(a) Locates enemy units.
(b) Lays and removes mines.
(c) Builds bridges and fortifications.
(d) Scouts out the terrain ahead of a unit.

3. How do the men respond when asked to describe life on the front?
(a) They lie, underplaying its horrors.
(b) They make up heroic stories about themselves.
(c) They describe the situation honestly.
(d) They embellish its hardships.

4. In Chapter 15, when the men run low on supplies, what does Triloir share with the rest of the squad?
(a) A flask of whisky.
(b) A pack of crackers.
(c) A petrol lighter.
(d) A roasted chicken.

5. Why can Blaire, Poupardin, and Pépin not cook their meat?
(a) There is no firewood.
(b) There is no cooking equipment.
(c) They have no way to light a fire.
(d) They are not allowed to start a fire.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is the refuge destroyed?

2. What does the German say about the religious services of both sides?

3. What do Blaire, Poupardin, and Pépin do in order to find a way to cook the meat?

4. According to Cocon, how many villages has the squad quartered in?

5. How do the narrator and the others find Bertrand's body?

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