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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why were the executed veteran's accomplices sentenced to life in prison and not executed?
(a) They gave themselves up peacefully.
(b) They had no criminal record.
(c) They were volunteers, not draftees.
(d) They had wealthy families.

2. Why is Pépère envied by the other men?
(a) He is getting married.
(b) He recently became a father.
(c) He is being sent to the rear as a typist.
(d) He was awarded a medal.

3. Who bargains with the civilian woman for space to sleep and eat?
(a) The narrator.
(b) Fouillade.
(c) Eudoxie.
(d) Lamuse.

4. What does Eudoxie do when Lamuse announces his feelings to her?
(a) She is frightened, but accepting.
(b) She is speechless.
(c) She falls in love with him.
(d) She rejects him.

5. Who is Eudoxie?
(a) An officer's wife.
(b) A nurse.
(c) An actress.
(d) A refugee.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Chapter 2 opens, how long has the war been going on?

2. Why do the gentlemen of the depot take care to avoid Volpatte?

3. Where do the events of the first chapter take place?

4. When first asked to share his story about the depot, what does Volpatte repeat?

5. The "Territorials" are noted for what unusual quality?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the men's hopes and fears as their last day of leave approaches?

2. What do the soldiers believe about fraternity, liberty, and equality?

3. How do the civilian's perceptions of the war differ from the soldier's experiences?

4. How does Poterloo sneak behind enemy lines?

5. What is the condition of most of the soldiers the morning after the bombardment?

6. Describe Lamuse's relationship with Eudoxie.

7. What do the soldiers think about people touting the fine and admirable side of war?

8. What does the narrator overhear the Legionnaires talking about? What are they planning, and why?

9. How do Blaire and the others blunder into German lines while searching for matches?

10. How prepared are the men for a gas attack?

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