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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Cocon calculate about the squad?
(a) How many miles they marched.
(b) How likely they are to survive.
(c) How much weight they carry in total.
(d) How many supplies they consumed since formation.

2. How do the men prevent their cleaned rifles from being stolen by lazy or dishonest soldiers?
(a) They sleep with their rifles under them.
(b) They put an identifying mark on them.
(c) They keep watch in pairs.
(d) They disassemble the rifles.

3. How do the narrator and the others find Bertrand's body?
(a) In several pieces.
(b) Stretched out like a cross.
(c) Grotesquely bloated.
(d) Partially severed at the waist.

4. The narrator describes the field of corpses being processed as being like which of the following?
(a) A devil's feast.
(b) An abattoir.
(c) Hell.
(d) A charnel house.

5. The newspaper story says that which of the following was turned up when a civilian's yard was bombed?
(a) German spies.
(b) An illegal wine cellar.
(c) A treasure chest.
(d) An old graveyard.

6. At the beginning of Chapter 16, why is Paradis worn out?
(a) He has not eaten all day.
(b) He is carrying a machine-gun.
(c) He has been digging trenches all day.
(d) He has been serving as a liaison.

7. What does Volpatte repeat as he charges into the machine gun fire?
(a) "Alright."
(b) "Hurry up."
(c) "Let's go."
(d) "Don't worry."

8. How does Lamuse return to the trench after helping the sappers?
(a) He wanders back, as if by accident.
(b) He slinks in, totally depressed.
(c) He runs back, yelling hysterically.
(d) He is escorted back by military police.

9. Overall, how do the men feel about the things they carry with them?
(a) They resent almost everything they have to carry.
(b) They take great care in the selection and arrangement of carried items.
(c) They don't seem to care at all.
(d) They carry only what their officers force them to.

10. How is the refuge destroyed?
(a) It collapses without warning.
(b) The Germans set fire to it.
(c) By an artillery shell.
(d) The retreating French blow it up.

11. What unusual preparation does Bertrand make for the offensive?
(a) He reads a meaningless passage from Leviticus to the men.
(b) He attaches knives to certain soldier's greatcoats.
(c) He makes strange marks on the trench's walls with chalk.
(d) He takes a single bullet from each man's supplies.

12. How long does Joseph wait before receiving aid at the refuge?
(a) Thirty minutes.
(b) Two hours.
(c) One day.
(d) Six hours.

13. While on leave, the men see a poster in a store's window display which depicts which of the following?
(a) Germans running in terror from the French.
(b) French soldiers storming a German fortress.
(c) A German terrorizing a French woman.
(d) A German surrendering to French soldiers.

14. What do the men think of all of the things that the army issues them?
(a) They are useless, but look good.
(b) They are ugly and of low quality.
(c) They are ugly, but effective.
(d) They are plain and lack elegance.

15. Why does Cpl. Bertrand wake the narrator at 2 a.m.?
(a) To search for a body.
(b) To talk with him.
(c) For guard duty.
(d) To help bury bodies.

Short Answer Questions

1. What irritates the men the most about the shirkers?

2. Why does Joseph Mesnil go into "no man's land"?

3. What hazard do the men face even after they reach the relative safety of the heights?

4. What do the two Moroccans want from the men?

5. When the squad's march comes to a halt, there is always a competition for which of the following?

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