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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the German demand of God?
(a) The he spare the men in the refuge their pain.
(b) That he end his life.
(c) That he reveal his true name.
(d) That he stop the shells.

2. What does the Foreign Legionnaire try to give to his comrade?
(a) His identity papers.
(b) A flask of brandy.
(c) His medals.
(d) A photo of his wife.

3. In Chapter 15, when the men run low on supplies, what does the narrator give to Paradis?
(a) An egg.
(b) A box of matches.
(c) A small tin of tobacco.
(d) Half of his dry ration.

4. While on leave, the men see a poster in a store's window display which depicts which of the following?
(a) A German terrorizing a French woman.
(b) French soldiers storming a German fortress.
(c) Germans running in terror from the French.
(d) A German surrendering to French soldiers.

5. What do Blaire, Poupardin, and Pépin do in order to find a way to cook the meat?
(a) Poupardin leads them in foraging.
(b) Pépin tries to improvise.
(c) Blaire tries to get help from another regiment.
(d) They send Volpatte to complain to Cpl. Bertrand.

6. Why does Joseph Mesnil go into "no man's land"?
(a) Because he wants to die.
(b) To search for his brother.
(c) To find a German rifle.
(d) Because he is drunk.

7. What irritates the men the most about the shirkers?
(a) They brag of their exploits.
(b) They have better wages.
(c) They wear their uniforms in the safety of the city.
(d) They try to act like comrades to real soldiers.

8. What do the men note about the commandant?
(a) He has the accent of a peasant.
(b) He is harsh and capricious.
(c) He can't smoke a pipe without scorching it.
(d) He hates animals.

9. The Marist brother, mentioned early in the book, is seen serving what role in the hospital?
(a) Red Cross sergeant.
(b) Quartermaster.
(c) Chaplain.
(d) Guard.

10. What does Cocon calculate about the squad?
(a) How likely they are to survive.
(b) How many miles they marched.
(c) How much weight they carry in total.
(d) How many supplies they consumed since formation.

11. What happens to some of the rats that eat the corpses on the battlefield?
(a) They die of poisoning.
(b) They are caught and eaten by hungry soldiers.
(c) They fight over corpses and kill each other.
(d) They are shot by the soldiers.

12. How do the men respond when asked to describe life on the front?
(a) They make up heroic stories about themselves.
(b) They embellish its hardships.
(c) They lie, underplaying its horrors.
(d) They describe the situation honestly.

13. What is an international trench?
(a) A trench built in no-man's land.
(b) A trench built by multiple allied nations.
(c) A trench containing troops from different allied nations.
(d) A trench with parts occupied by opposing forces.

14. At the beginning of Chapter 22, how many men from Bertrad's squad survive?
(a) Ten men survive.
(b) Twelve men survive.
(c) Six men survive.
(d) Three men survive.

15. What does Volpatte repeat as he charges into the machine gun fire?
(a) "Don't worry."
(b) "Let's go."
(c) "Alright."
(d) "Hurry up."

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the men take from the German sentry they kill?

2. What is unique about the 5th battalion?

3. What does the author call the useless things that the men carry with them?

4. How does Lamuse return to the trench after helping the sappers?

5. How does Pépin die?

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