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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When first asked to share his story about the depot, what does Volpatte repeat?
(a) "It is not worth telling."
(b) "There are too many of them."
(c) "They are fools."
(d) "You would not believe me."

2. The soldier being carried by the Territorial stretcher-bearers was killed doing what?
(a) Returning to his unit.
(b) Foraging for food.
(c) Trying to defect.
(d) Looking for a souvenir German rifle.

3. Volpatte's compatriots oppose him when he criticizes what group?
(a) The civilians.
(b) The English enlisted men.
(c) The medical staff.
(d) The police.

4. Where do the events of the first chapter take place?
(a) In Paris.
(b) On the French-German border.
(c) In Greece.
(d) In the Alps.

5. Cocon is described as being which of the following?
(a) The squad's lance corporal.
(b) The squad's man of figures.
(c) A renaissance man.
(d) A stern sergeant.

6. The characters introduced in Chapter 2 are part of what type of squad?
(a) A front-line squad.
(b) An engineering squad.
(c) A medical squad.
(d) A reserve squad.

7. When Cpl. Marchal and the narrator meet, they discuss which of the following happening to their mutual friends?
(a) Promotion.
(b) Death by nerve gas.
(c) Death by bombardment.
(d) Honorable discharge.

8. Why do the gentlemen of the depot take care to avoid Volpatte?
(a) He is exceptionally rude to them.
(b) He is crude and vulgar.
(c) He is war-mucky.
(d) He is an enlisted man.

9. Cpl. Marchal has what relationship to the narrator?
(a) He is the narrator's commanding officer.
(b) He serves under the narrator.
(c) He is an old friend of the narrator's.
(d) He saved the narrator's life.

10. What is Biquet's response to his mother's concern for him as expressed in her letter?
(a) He is amused.
(b) He is worried.
(c) He immediately writes back to console her.
(d) He is totally unphased.

11. Barque is described as being which of the following?
(a) A rebel.
(b) A leader.
(c) A trickster.
(d) A sage.

12. When Chapter 2 opens, how long has the war been going on?
(a) One year.
(b) 15 months.
(c) Three years.
(d) 22 days.

13. According to Cocon, how many divisions comprise a corps?
(a) Seven corps.
(b) Four corps.
(c) Ten corps.
(d) Two corps.

14. What is Volpatte's condition when he is found?
(a) He is dead.
(b) He is wrapped in bloody bandages.
(c) He is insane.
(d) He is violently ill.

15. Why are the gentlemen of the depot jealous of Bourin the Parisian?
(a) He is safe in the south.
(b) He is getting married soon.
(c) He received orders to deploy for combat.
(d) He has just been promoted.

Short Answer Questions

1. The narrator compares Lamuse to what mythological figure?

2. How is Farfadet "saved"?

3. How are Volpatte and Fouillade lost?

4. Where do the men of Cpl. Bertrand's squad hope to be sent for rest?

5. Lamuse is described with what seemingly contradictory label?

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