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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Labri refuse to eat?
(a) He doesn't like the men's food.
(b) He is well fed.
(c) He is sick.
(d) He doesn't like Fouillade.

2. The "Moroccan Division" is admired for what?
(a) They are ferocious fighters.
(b) They choose where they fight.
(c) They are popular in the media.
(d) They have a charismatic leader.

3. What is the squad's duty at night?
(a) To man a sentry post.
(b) To escort the wounded to the rear.
(c) To build emergency earthworks.
(d) To carry ammunition to the front.

4. Who is Eudoxie?
(a) A nurse.
(b) An actress.
(c) An officer's wife.
(d) A refugee.

5. Why are the gentlemen of the depot jealous of Bourin the Parisian?
(a) He received orders to deploy for combat.
(b) He is safe in the south.
(c) He has just been promoted.
(d) He is getting married soon.

6. Where is Fouillade from?
(a) Alsace Lorraine.
(b) The Mediterranean.
(c) Normandy.
(d) Paris.

7. Pépin states that engages should not boast of having served unless they do which of the following?
(a) Face machine gun fire.
(b) Experience poison gas.
(c) Encounter a tank.
(d) Charge into an enemy trench.

8. How do Volpatte and Fouillade capture the two German soldiers?
(a) They tell the Germans they are scouts for an entire battalion.
(b) The Germans came across the lines to surrender.
(c) They surprise the soldiers at night.
(d) The soldiers accidentally fall into their shell hole.

9. What do the men concede with regards to the "shirkers"?
(a) They are unavoidable.
(b) It is a smart thing to do.
(c) Shirking is human nature.
(d) They are necessary.

10. Why can Eudore's five friends not make it to their real destination?
(a) It is a war-zone.
(b) It has been leveled by artillery.
(c) The road washed out.
(d) It turned into an army depot.

11. Why do the men agree that being unluckily killed or luckily staying alive are not the same thing?
(a) Staying alive feels better.
(b) Death lasts a long time.
(c) Everyone died eventually.
(d) One is more likely than the other.

12. What do the narrator and Poterloo do with the three Germans they come across while on their way to Sauchez?
(a) They let them go.
(b) They kill them on the spot.
(c) They take them prisoner.
(d) They let them bury their dead.

13. About how many deaths are predicted in the first chapter?
(a) Three million deaths.
(b) One million deaths.
(c) Thirty million deaths.
(d) Ten million deaths.

14. Who are the anonymous individuals who make speculations in the first chapter?
(a) The ghosts of dead soldiers.
(b) Generals.
(c) Invalids in a sanatorium.
(d) Inmates in a prison.

15. Where does Volpatte overhear the gossip of the gentlemen at the depot?
(a) In an officer's social hall.
(b) At a tavern in town.
(c) On the radio.
(d) From the kitchen, where he is helping.

Short Answer Questions

1. How are Volpatte and Fouillade's positions discovered?

2. In their deployment after Gauchin-l'Abbé, what is unusual about all the buildings and equipment?

3. How is Farfadet "saved"?

4. When Chapter 12 begins, how long has the squad been digging trenches?

5. When Chapter 2 opens, how long has the war been going on?

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