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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Chapter 7 begins with the squad waiting where as they prepare for redeployment?
(a) A railway platform.
(b) A large camp.
(c) An aid station.
(d) A motor pool.

2. Why does Labri refuse to eat?
(a) He is sick.
(b) He doesn't like Fouillade.
(c) He is well fed.
(d) He doesn't like the men's food.

3. Who is Eudoxie?
(a) A refugee.
(b) A nurse.
(c) An actress.
(d) An officer's wife.

4. How did Volpatte and Fouillade help Sgt. Sacerdote?
(a) They tend his wounds.
(b) They aid him in a small raid.
(c) They help him recover from shell shock.
(d) They drag him out of the German field of fire.

5. Was does Poterloo discover about his wife?
(a) She is fraternizing with a German officer.
(b) She is dead.
(c) She is dangerously ill.
(d) She is pregnant again.

6. In general, what opinion do the soldiers have of the local women?
(a) They are prudish.
(b) They cook poorly.
(c) They are friendly.
(d) They are ugly.

7. The soldier being carried by the Territorial stretcher-bearers was killed doing what?
(a) Foraging for food.
(b) Looking for a souvenir German rifle.
(c) Trying to defect.
(d) Returning to his unit.

8. Where does the narrator meet with Cpl. Marchal?
(a) Alleux Wood.
(b) The Ardennes.
(c) Paris.
(d) Versailles.

9. What is unusual about the road that the narrator and Poterloo take to get to Souchez?
(a) It is lined with corpses.
(b) It has been destroyed by artillery fire.
(c) It is burning in places.
(d) It is slick with blood.

10. Cpl. Marchal has what relationship to the narrator?
(a) He is the narrator's commanding officer.
(b) He is an old friend of the narrator's.
(c) He saved the narrator's life.
(d) He serves under the narrator.

11. What order does Cpl. Broyer issue?
(a) He orders pointless maneuvers.
(b) He orders constant drills.
(c) He orders a morning parade.
(d) He orders the men to dig trenches.

12. What does the newspaper claim about the state of affairs for the poilu?
(a) They have everything they need.
(b) They are well rested and ready to fight.
(c) They are living in poor conditions.
(d) They are in high spirits.

13. According to Cocon, how many divisions comprise a corps?
(a) Seven corps.
(b) Ten corps.
(c) Four corps.
(d) Two corps.

14. Barque is described as being which of the following?
(a) A rebel.
(b) A trickster.
(c) A sage.
(d) A leader.

15. What is Tirloir's nickname?
(a) Brass tacks.
(b) Old boots.
(c) Lock and stock.
(d) The grumbler.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do the other men try to coax Volpatte into sharing his story?

2. How is Farfadet "saved"?

3. According to the men, what is the attitude of the army towards plundering civilians?

4. Pépin states that engages should not boast of having served unless they do which of the following?

5. How are Volpatte and Fouillade's positions discovered?

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