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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 7-9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why can Eudore's five friends not make it to their real destination?
(a) It is a war-zone.
(b) It has been leveled by artillery.
(c) It turned into an army depot.
(d) The road washed out.

2. Lamuse is described with what seemingly contradictory label?
(a) The bloodthirsty coward.
(b) The quiet comedian.
(c) The heroic loafer.
(d) The foolish intellectual.

3. Why are the gentlemen of the depot jealous of Bourin the Parisian?
(a) He received orders to deploy for combat.
(b) He is getting married soon.
(c) He is safe in the south.
(d) He has just been promoted.

4. Chapter 7 begins with the squad waiting where as they prepare for redeployment?
(a) A large camp.
(b) An aid station.
(c) A railway platform.
(d) A motor pool.

5. Why do the other men try to coax Volpatte into sharing his story?
(a) They are curious about the brigade headquarters.
(b) They know he should not hold his anger in.
(c) They are eager for any story from outside the trenches.
(d) They want to know what he's hiding.

Short Answer Questions

1. About how many deaths are predicted in the first chapter?

2. How long was Volpatte on leave to recover from his injury?

3. Cpl. Marchal serves with what military units?

4. Which soldier besides Lamuse believes the Eudoxie is infatuated with him?

5. Tirette is best described as which of the following?

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