Under Fire Character Descriptions

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Cpl. Bertrand - This character commands the narrator's squad until the character dies on Hill 119.

Firmin Volpatte - This soldier is temporarily sent to the rear to recover from a head injury, where the character becomes disgusted with the shirkers and their attitudes.

Lamuse - This large character is described as a "ruined tower," a gorilla, and a hog. This character is one of several who fall for a refugee.

Poterloo - This soldier discovers that their spouse is living with a German officer and dies in a shocking manner soon after the discovery.

Papa Blaire - This character has their teeth pulled and replaced by false teeth. The character later becomes a cook, committed wholeheartedly to the trade.

Barque - This resourceful and observant soldier is an old-timer in the squad. The character swears off grousing and complaining after roundly decrying the shirkers. This person...

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