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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What had Epps threatened the slaves with before the carriage came into the Epps Plantation, headed for the main house?
(a) A whipping for not working enough.
(b) Withholding their meals for the next couple of days.
(c) Forcing them to stay up and dance with him for the next three nights.
(d) Forcing them to work in the cold.

2. In which of the following areas was the slaves' level of understanding most underestimated by those outside slavery?
(a) The value of their work.
(b) Freedom.
(c) The value of money.
(d) Faith.

3. According to Author Northrup, what disturbed the peace around the Epps plantation?
(a) The sounds of trains passing by a couple of miles away.
(b) The non-stop crowing of roosters.
(c) The sounds made by flying wild geese.
(d) The sound of a slave being whipped.

4. In general, how did Solomon describe how Bass was regarded by others?
(a) Unable to tell because Bass was so unpredictable.
(b) Somewhat liked and respected.
(c) Disliked and avoided.
(d) Well-liked and respected.

5. How did Mary McCoy become the owner of the Norwood Plantation?
(a) Her late husband willed it to her.
(b) She purchased it from William Ford.
(c) She bought it from Edwin Epps.
(d) She inherited the Plantation from her parents who died.

Short Answer Questions

1. How could Bass' efforts to help Solomon regain his freedom be described?

2. What type of battle did Tibeats perceive himself to be involved in with Solomon?

3. Who seemed to suffer the most among Epps' slaves?

4. As a slave, what type of reputation did Solomon have among the plantation owners around Bayou Bœuf?

5. Why did Solomon have a different attitude about working for Judge Turner?

Short Essay Questions

1. What type of situations involved long waiting times that Solomon had to endure in Chapter 20 of the book?

2. How did the some of the slaves change their appearance at Christmastime in Chapter 15 of the book?

3. Why was Samuel Bass so well-liked in and around Bayou Bœuf in Chapter 19 of the book?

4. In Chapter 13 of the story, how did Epps show little concern if any when Solomon fell ill?

5. In Chapter 19 of the book, how did Solomon and Bass manage to meet secretly with one another to plan how arrangements for restoring Solomon's freedom would be handled?

6. Why did Solomon feels more like a real human being while working for Judge Turner in Chapter 14 of the book?

7. What happened to some of the slaves who tried to escape from a life in slavery in Chapter 17 of the book?

8. In Chapter 20 of the book, how did Samuel Bass manage to carry out his effort to help Solomon regain his freedom despite Epps' presence?

9. How did Mr. Eldret show respect for Solomon in Chapter 11 of the book?

10. In Chapter 15 of the story, what were some of the everyday things that Solomon and the other slaves did not miss at Christmastime?

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