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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the reason behind Avery hiring Solomon to help him build a house for Epps?
(a) Solomon had been highly recommended to him by Epps.
(b) Solomon had helped him build house for others in the past.
(c) Solomon had a reputation of being a hard worker.
(d) He could not find anyone else to help him build the house for Epps.

2. What was the primary reason for the inharmonious nature of Epps Plantation with the environment around it?
(a) The plantation's small size in comparison to its surrounding environment.
(b) The beatings that the slaves suffered at the hands of Epps.
(c) The lack of productivity at the plantation.
(d) The constant threat of torrential rain.

3. Who was the slaves' best-loved plantation owner in Bayou Bœuf?
(a) John Tibeats.
(b) William Ford.
(c) Edwin Epps.
(d) Mary McCoy.

4. According to Author Northrup, what disturbed the peace around the Epps plantation?
(a) The sound of a slave being whipped.
(b) The sounds of trains passing by a couple of miles away.
(c) The sounds made by flying wild geese.
(d) The non-stop crowing of roosters.

5. What type of work did Mr. Eldret have Solomon handle for him?
(a) Cotton picking.
(b) Raft building.
(c) Land clearing.
(d) Loom building.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which male pair below provided Solomon with sweet type work?

2. What did Bass view as a more effective means for getting help for Solomon to be freed from slavery?

3. How can it best be said that Solomon described Bass?

4. How did Tibeats feel when he told Solomon that he had sold him to Edwin Epps?

5. Why was Eliza likely to have suggested to Solomon that he may be better off dead than dealing with Tibeats?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why was Lew Cheney not liked by some of the slaves in Bayou Bœuf in Chapter 17 of the book?

2. In Chapter 20 of the book, how did Samuel Bass manage to carry out his effort to help Solomon regain his freedom despite Epps' presence?

3. What type of situations involved long waiting times that Solomon had to endure in Chapter 20 of the book?

4. Why was Samuel Bass so well-liked in and around Bayou Bœuf in Chapter 19 of the book?

5. How did Mr. Eldret show respect for Solomon in Chapter 11 of the book?

6. In Chapter 15 of the story, what type of festivities did the slaves in Bayou Bœuf enjoy at Christmastime?

7. In Chapter 19 of the book, how did Solomon and Bass manage to meet secretly with one another to plan how arrangements for restoring Solomon's freedom would be handled?

8. What happened to some of the slaves who tried to escape from a life in slavery in Chapter 17 of the book?

9. In Chapter 17, how did Lew Cheney show that he was not the leader whom he claimed to be among the slaves who were planning to escape to Mexico?

10. In Chapter 16 of the book, how did Solomon lead Epps to believe that he was making the slaves work hard in the cotton field?

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