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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did people in the South make money at the time that Solomon was sold to Edwin Epps?
(a) By catching runaway slaves.
(b) By turning in slave dealers.
(c) By catching possums.
(d) By raising pigs.

2. Because it appeared that both the slaves and the white folks would put their differences aside at Chrismastime, what was the common denominator that encouraged both groups to do that?
(a) They wanted to show their good humor and nature to one another.
(b) They wanted to live in peace with one another--even if just for a short time.
(c) It was time to relax from everything!
(d) Chistmastime was special to all.

3. Who had Solomon been thinking about right before the carriage went by on its way to the main house of the Epps Plantation?
(a) Cephas Parker.
(b) HIs father, Mintus.
(c) Samuel Bass.
(d) His wife, Anne.

4. For the most part, why did whippings occur with high frequency at the Epps plantation?
(a) Because the slaves tended to get rowdy.
(b) Because slaves did not pick the right amount of cotton.
(c) Because Epps constantly accused the slaves of stealing from him.
(d) Because the slaves were constantly late to the cotton field.

5. What was the nature of the meetings that Bass held with Solomon with regard to restoring his freedom?
(a) Typical.
(b) Illegal.
(c) Open.
(d) Secretive.

6. What type of sleeping accommodations did Epps provide for his slaves?
(a) A cot and a wool blanket.
(b) A down-feather bed.
(c) A wooden plank and a raggedy blanket.
(d) None. They would all sleep on the floor.

7. What piqued Bass' interest to want to know how Solomon had made his way to Louisiana?
(a) The fact that Solomon had visited a few cities in Canada.
(b) The fact that the Underground Railroad led only from South to North.
(c) The fact that Solomon was eager to travel in a northeasterly direction.
(d) The fact that the Underground Railroad had not been built yet.

8. Which male pair below provided Solomon with sweet type work?
(a) Edwin Epps and William Ford.
(b) Mr. Hawkins and Judge Turner.
(c) William Ford and Mr. Eldret.
(d) Mistress Ford and Mr. Hawkins.

9. In one word, describe the type of work that Edwin Epps' slave driver did for him.
(a) Efficient.
(b) Reckless.
(c) Deceptive.
(d) Safe.

10. How did the slaves in Bayou Bœuf view Lew Cheney?
(a) As a traitor/then a leader.
(b) As a slave driver.
(c) As a powerful and influential friend.
(d) As a leader/then a traitor.

11. What was the reason behind Avery hiring Solomon to help him build a house for Epps?
(a) Solomon had been highly recommended to him by Epps.
(b) He could not find anyone else to help him build the house for Epps.
(c) Solomon had a reputation of being a hard worker.
(d) Solomon had helped him build house for others in the past.

12. Toward which of the following did Patsey look forward to the most, to one day save her from the cruelty of her masters?
(a) Getting married.
(b) Running away.
(c) Rest.
(d) God.

13. In characterizing Judge Turner, how was he like the other planters in Bayou Bœuf?
(a) He expected the slaves to work and produce for him.
(b) He abused and mistreated them.
(c) He treated them like animals.
(d) He believed that slaves could be profitable for him.

14. Why was Epps upset with the slaves the morning that Lawyer Northrup and the Sheriff arrived at the plantation looking for Solomon?
(a) Because he thought that they viewed him as a drunk.
(b) Because he believed that they had alerted Lawyer Henry B. Northrup that Solomon was at his Plantation.
(c) Because he thought that they were not doing anything.
(d) Because he believed that they had alerted the Sheriff that Solomon--a free man--was at his Plantation.

15. Which of the following critter types was most costly to the planters?
(a) The red ant.
(b) The caterpillar.
(c) The worm.
(d) The termite.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who seemed to suffer the most among Epps' slaves?

2. Based on the description of one in Chapter 16, what was a slave driver supposed to do?

3. How did Solomon view Bass to be in relation to his lifestyle?

4. The approach toward Solomon by two individuals on the Epps Plantation signaled which of the following?

5. Based on Author Northrup's description of the Christmastime gatherings attended by slaves and plantation owners, what seemed to be missing from the festivities?

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