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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Solomon feel about the way that Merrill Brown and Abram Hamilton treated him while on the way to New York?
(a) He felt that the men should have treated him better.
(b) He questioned the way that they treated him.
(c) He felt good about the way the men treated him.
(d) He did not have an opinion about the way the men treated him.

2. If Solomon should have been paying attention to anything that was happening while he traveled with Brown and Hamilton that may have been a clear indicator that things may not really be the way that they appeared to be, what should it have been?
(a) That there was a lot of whispering going on between Brown and Hamilton.
(b) That the men did not seem to mind spending extra time in Washington City despite their rush to get to the circus.
(c) That they were not getting to the circus despite the duo's claim that they should get there quickly.
(d) That the duo gave Solomon a series of drinks that he did not expect.

3. How did Burch react when Solomon first met him and told him that he was feeling sick?
(a) He was sympathetic and offered Solomon his help.
(b) He suggested that Solomon stay in bed until he felt better.
(c) He sent for a doctor immediately.
(d) He did not react. He continued to go about his business.

4. What was the purpose of having Jacob Brooks accompany Eliza to get her freedom papers?
(a) To help her find the place where freedom papers were issued since she did not know how to get there.
(b) To make sure that the proper freedom papers were issued to her.
(c) To mislead her into a life of slavery.
(d) To vouch for her qualifications so that she would be issued freedom papers.

5. How did Merrill Brown and Abram Hamilton treat Solomon while traveling to New York?
(a) With kindness and respect.
(b) They treated him in a business-like manner.
(c) They did not speak to him very much.
(d) They treated him like a hired hand.

6. What could be said about the type of access that Solomon and the other slaves had with respect to the yard that surrounded Williams' Slave Pen?
(a) That it was based on the honor system.
(b) That it was risky.
(c) That it was restricted.
(d) That it was unsupervised.

7. What separated William Ford from other slave owners in Bayou Bœuf?
(a) Once he bought slaves, he never sold them.
(b) He did not keep slaves whom he bought for more than three months.
(c) He taught each one of them a different trade.
(d) He taught his slaves about God and provided them with Bibles.

8. What one element stood out when Tibeats set about to punish Solomon?
(a) That he always had to have help from others.
(b) That he did not seem to be able to punish Solomon by himself.
(c) That he was never sure that his plan would work because of Solomon's size.
(d) That he thought that he could punish Solomon by himself.

9. How did Freeman's customers view the idea of buying slaves from the same family?
(a) They do not view the idea at all--they were simply there to make a slave purchase.
(b) They did not like the idea at all.
(c) They tried to make slave family-type purchases, because they could get two slaves for the price of one.
(d) They viewed it as a great idea that could keep a slave family together.

10. How were Solomon and Arthur (the slave who boards the Orleans in Norfolk) fundamentally alike?
(a) They both shared a desire to escape from slavery.
(b) They were both free men.
(c) They both loved and played the violin.
(d) They both had families to support.

11. Who suffered the worst loss of all during the slave sale at Freeman's?
(a) The gentleman looking for a coachman.
(b) Theophilus Freeman.
(c) Eliza.
(d) The planter from Natchez.

12. From what Solomon could tell, what was the exterior design of Williams' Slave Pen in Washington City supposed to accomplish?
(a) Provide shelter from rain.
(b) Impress the neighbors.
(c) Conceal the slaves.
(d) Attract attention.

13. Why was Clemens Ray upset as he headed south aboard the Orleans?
(a) He was being separated from his wife.
(b) He was not sure who his new master was going to be.
(c) He was having to leave longtime friends behind.
(d) He was having to leave his children behind.

14. What type of reputation did Solomon maintain while living in Saratoga Springs?
(a) Clean-cut and respectable.
(b) Educated and hardworking.
(c) Hardworking and respectable.
(d) Trustworthy and educated.

15. If William Ford was a wealthy plantation owner, how did he manage to get into financial trouble?
(a) The bank that he used has closed.
(b) The debt was not his--it was actually his brother's.
(c) Mrs. Ford liked living extravagantly.
(d) The debt was not his--it was actually his sister's.

Short Answer Questions

1. Based on the description that Solomon wrote, what did his room at Williams' Pen Slave Pen resemble?

2. Why did Solomon want the old gentleman from New Orleans who was looking for a coachman to buy him?

3. How did Ford's other slaves--Sally, Rose, Walton, and John come across to Solomon when he met them?

4. How can the manner in which Solomon, Eliza, and the other slaves were led from Williams' Slave Pen and onto the Orleans best be described?

5. Why did Tibeats not attack Ford when Ford confronted him about his mistreatment of Solomon?

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