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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 11-15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In general, how did Mrs. Berry and her daughter feel about Eliza?
(a) Mrs. Berry and her daughter did not like Eliza.
(b) Mrs. Berry and her daughter felt sorry for Eliza.
(c) Mrs. Berry and her daughter had a lot of respect Eliza.
(d) Mrs. Berry and her daughter were very fond of Eliza.

2. Which of his senses did Solomon rely on the most while trying to figure out what was happening around him after spending his first night at Williams' Slave Pen in Washington City?
(a) His sense of hearing.
(b) His sense of smell.
(c) His sense of touch.
(d) His eyesight.

3. How did Ford's other slaves--Sally, Rose, Walton, and John come across to Solomon when he met them?
(a) They appeared to be religious.
(b) The appeared to like to gossip.
(c) They did not complain about their life with Ford.
(d) They were upset about their life with Ford.

4. For the most part, why did whippings occur with high frequency at the Epps plantation?
(a) Because Epps constantly accused the slaves of stealing from him.
(b) Because the slaves were constantly late to the cotton field.
(c) Because the slaves tended to get rowdy.
(d) Because slaves did not pick the right amount of cotton.

5. Shortly after buying them, how did William Ford show Solomon and the other slaves that he was compassionate toward them?
(a) He provided the slaves with frequent passes so that they could visit their relatives who lived close by.
(b) He allowed them to eat hearty meals in his mansion on a regular basis.
(c) He allowed the slaves to stop and rest frequently as they recuperate from small pox.
(d) He had a doctor examine the slaves regularly to make sure that their health was in good order.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which male pair below provided Solomon with sweet type work?

2. What was the inspiration behind the name of the area that known as "Bayou Bœuf"?

3. From what Solomon could tell, what was the exterior design of Williams' Slave Pen in Washington City supposed to accomplish?

4. Was there anything peculiar about Merrill Brown's or Abram Hamilton's behavior when the two men and Solomon were in Albany?

5. How did Radburn treat Solomon following the beating by Burch?

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