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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 6-10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Shortly after buying them, how did William Ford show Solomon and the other slaves that he was compassionate toward them?
(a) He provided the slaves with frequent passes so that they could visit their relatives who lived close by.
(b) He had a doctor examine the slaves regularly to make sure that their health was in good order.
(c) He allowed the slaves to stop and rest frequently as they recuperate from small pox.
(d) He allowed them to eat hearty meals in his mansion on a regular basis.

2. How did Ford's other slaves--Sally, Rose, Walton, and John come across to Solomon when he met them?
(a) They did not complain about their life with Ford.
(b) They appeared to be religious.
(c) The appeared to like to gossip.
(d) They were upset about their life with Ford.

3. How was Solomon able to get directions to Ford's Plantation after his run through the Great Pacoudrie Swamp?
(a) By acting as though he had business to handle there.
(b) By following the direction of the sun.
(c) By looking at a map that he had with him.
(d) By studying the directions of the roads nearby.

4. How did the slaves treat Solomon after his ordeal with Tibeats was over?
(a) With jealousy.
(b) With disinterest.
(c) With curiosity.
(d) With kindness.

5. What did Freeman's customers tend to keep in mind as they shopped around his pen?
(a) That although Freeman had the highest prices in town, he did offer the best animals on the market.
(b) That Freeman was known to charge more than what his animals were really worth.
(c) That they were there to buy a clean and hardworking animal in tip-top condition.
(d) That regardless of the animal that they chose, they would get a good price from Freeman.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was an important factor to the slaves at the time that they were sold?

2. In general, how did Mrs. Berry and her daughter feel about Eliza?

3. Aside from providing Solomon with favorable notoriety around Bayou Bœuf, his raft-building for Ford also provided him with which of the following?

4. How did Solomon view his carpentry work under Myers?

5. Which of the following was one thing that Tibeats had a reputation of using when trying to out-maneuver his enemies?

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