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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 11-15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Aside from providing Solomon with favorable notoriety around Bayou Bœuf, his raft-building for Ford also provided him with which of the following?
(a) A visiting pass to the plantation of his choice.
(b) A higher position among Ford's slaves.
(c) Victory over Adam Taydem.
(d) Experience in raft-building.

2. Shortly after buying them, how did William Ford show Solomon and the other slaves that he was compassionate toward them?
(a) He had a doctor examine the slaves regularly to make sure that their health was in good order.
(b) He allowed the slaves to stop and rest frequently as they recuperate from small pox.
(c) He provided the slaves with frequent passes so that they could visit their relatives who lived close by.
(d) He allowed them to eat hearty meals in his mansion on a regular basis.

3. How did Merrill Brown and Abram Hamilton treat Solomon while traveling to New York?
(a) They treated him in a business-like manner.
(b) They did not speak to him very much.
(c) They treated him like a hired hand.
(d) With kindness and respect.

4. What inspired Solomon to design and build a fish trap?
(a) A desire to expand his variety of food without much effort.
(b) He had the necessary materials available; so he decided to put them to good use.
(c) A never-ending appetite for fish.
(d) A desire to impress the other slaves.

5. Why did Chapin send for Ford when he was the overseer of Ford's Plantation?
(a) Because he was afraid of Tibeats.
(b) Because he knew that Tibeats would not attack Ford.
(c) Because he felt that Ford had the final word on any dispute with Tibeats.
(d) Because he knew that Ford was likely to have the Sheriff present when dealing with Tibeats.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what order did the events listed take place in Solomon's life?

2. Why did Solomon have a different attitude about working for Judge Turner?

3. What was one thing that slaves who get married at Christmastime had to have in order to take their vows?

4. What was the main contributing factor that led toward the development of a friendship between Mrs. Ford and Solomon?

5. In one phrase, describe how Solomon perceived William Ford to be of value to him.

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