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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 11-15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Edwin Epps refuse to get rid of Patsey despite being urged to do so by Mrs. Epps?
(a) Becaues the whipping marks on Patsey's back made her appear rebellious.
(b) Because Patsey had a reputation of being lazy.
(c) Because she was too valuable in the cotton field.
(d) Because he was afraid that she would turn him in to the Sheriff for having abused her.

2. How were Solomon and the other slaves treated around Goodin's Pen in Richmond, Virginia?
(a) They were treated like merchandise.
(b) They were treated like valued friends.
(c) They were treated with the utmost dignity and respect.
(d) They were treated with limited time and attention.

3. What type of work did Mr. Eldret have Solomon handle for him?
(a) Land clearing.
(b) Raft building.
(c) Loom building.
(d) Cotton picking.

4. How can the manner in which Solomon, Eliza, and the other slaves were led from Williams' Slave Pen and onto the Orleans best be described?
(a) Secretive.
(b) Brisk.
(c) Questionable.
(d) Orderly.

5. For the most part, why did whippings occur with high frequency at the Epps plantation?
(a) Because the slaves tended to get rowdy.
(b) Because Epps constantly accused the slaves of stealing from him.
(c) Because slaves did not pick the right amount of cotton.
(d) Because the slaves were constantly late to the cotton field.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Radburn treat Solomon following the beating by Burch?

2. Based on the description that Solomon wrote, what did his room at Williams' Pen Slave Pen resemble?

3. Who seemed to suffer the most among Epps' slaves?

4. What did the fact that Tibeats appeared unexpectedly three times while Solomon was working for Eldret indicate about him?

5. How did Burch react when Solomon first met him and told him that he was feeling sick?

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