Twelve Years a Slave Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapters 1-5

• Free black man-born author, Solomon Northrup said that he was forced to live 12 years of his life as a slave. Widespread interest in his story led him to write his autobiography, in which he intermingled his first-hand observations and experiences in slavery.

• Prior to the age of 33, when he is forced into a life in slavery, Solomon recalled his life as having been quite normal. He grew up working on the family farm, got married, moved away, and started a family. He continued to work hard, and saved enough money to start his own timber-transporting business.

• Northrup’s normal lifestyle changed dramatically when he decided to travel toward New York with two men whom he had just met. They promised him high-dollar earnings for playing the violin. However, instead of leading him toward the lifestyle that they promised him, they led him through a series of...

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