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Short Answer Questions

1. When Mitch visited Morrie on the seventh Tuesday, Morrie had finally lost one of the only battles he dreaded. What is Morrie not able to do anymore?

2. What was the topic for the tenth Tuesday meeting?

3. What does the media make people believe, according to Morrie?

4. Who did Charlotte invite to the funeral?

5. Why did Mitch still bring food for Morrie on the fourteenth Tuesday?

Short Essay Questions

1. What were the important issues in life, according to Morrie?

2. According to Morrie, who was responsible for the brainwashing taking place all over the country and what is the result?

3. Morrie could not eat the food that Mitch still brought for him by the tenth Tuesday. Why did Mitch still bring food for Morrie?

4. How do readers know that Brandeis college was a hotbed for cultural activism?

5. Why did Mitch finally cry, this last Tuesday?

6. Nightline returned for a third and final time. Ted Koppel asked Morrie if, as he got closer to dying, he was more afraid. How did Morrie respond?

7. What did Morrie tell Mitch about family on the fifth Tuesday?

8. What was the bleak truth about Morrie not being able to wipe his own behind anymore by the time of the third Nightline interview?

9. One of Morrie's first jobs was at a mental institution outside of Washington D.C. What did he do there?

10. Morrie called the third interview with Nightline a compromise. Why?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Quite a few chapters in the book mention Mitch bringing food for Morrie during his visits to him. Explain how and why the purpose of the food changes over the course of the book. Why was food so important for Mitch and Morrie?

Essay Topic 2

In the book you get a good feel for the deterioration of Morrie's body and how the disease evolves. Give an overview of how Morrie's disease progressed, from the moment he was diagnosed to the moment of his death. Think about how Morrie dealt with his disease and how he reacted towards his declining health.

Essay Topic 3

One Tuesday, Mitch read a newspaper while Morrie used the bathroom. What did Mitch read about? Describe his reaction afterward. What does this little episode tell you?

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