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Short Answer Questions

1. What did Mitch initially feel when Morrie confessed that if he'd had another son, he would have wanted Mitch to be him?

2. What was Morrie doing while the rest of the world was watching the OJ Simpson verdict on TV?

3. When did Morrie stop breathing?

4. Why did Mitch still bring food for Morrie on the fourteenth Tuesday?

5. What are some of the things Mitch did to fight his aging?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was the bleak truth about Morrie not being able to wipe his own behind anymore by the time of the third Nightline interview?

2. Morrie called the third interview with Nightline a compromise. Why?

3. Why did Mitch finally cry, this last Tuesday?

4. Does Mitch ever hear Morrie's voice when he is alone?

5. What did Morrie tell Mitch about family on the fifth Tuesday?

6. In the chapter "The Sixth Tuesday", one of Morrie's coughing spells is described in detail. What happened and how did Mitch react?

7. Morrie could not eat the food that Mitch still brought for him by the tenth Tuesday. Why did Mitch still bring food for Morrie?

8. What did Morrie reply when Mitch asked him whether he was ever afraid of growing old?

9. Morrie and Charlotte had discussed Morrie's cremation with the rabbi at the university who would preside over Morrie's memorial service. At one point the rabbi was shocked. Why?

10. On the tenth Tuesday, Janine joined Mitch on his visit to Morrie. Janine sang a song for Morrie. How did Morrie react?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In a couple of chapters, you read about Morrie's life. Talk about his childhood with the two most important events and how it influenced him for the rest of his life. Describe Morrie's professional life and how it influenced his students.

Essay Topic 2

Morrie received a lot of mail after his Nightline appearances. Describe what happened after he received the mail. Explain which letter meant the most to him, why it was so meaningful, and how he reacted.

Essay Topic 3

Morrie talked about how he wanted to die and how he definitely didn't want to die. Explain Morrie's thoughts about his own death. Describe what he wanted to happen with his body and grave site. What did he want Mitch to do after he's dead, and why?

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