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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was Mitch angry at his younger brother?
(a) Because he didn't allow Mitch to help him.
(b) Because he is his brother.
(c) Because his brother didn't love him.
(d) Because he left for Europe.

2. On the tenth Tuesday, another person was involved in the conversation. Who?
(a) Mitch's wife.
(b) Morrie's wife.
(c) Mitch's brother.
(d) Morrie's son.

3. What was the topic for the tenth Tuesday meeting?
(a) Love.
(b) Marriage.
(c) Companionship.
(d) Friendship.

4. Morrie's disease was progressing and Mitch had to touch Morrie more and more to adjust the microphone. How did Morrie feel about that physical contact?
(a) He enjoyed it.
(b) He didn't think anything about it.
(c) He hated it.
(d) He was embarrassed.

5. What did Morrie want to happen to his body when he died?
(a) He wanted it to be frozen.
(b) He wanted it to be buried.
(c) He wanted it to be used for experiments.
(d) He wanted it to be cremated.

6. What did the teachers at Brandeis encourage the students to do in the late 1950's?
(a) To be lazy.
(b) To be hippies.
(c) To become active.
(d) To study harder.

7. What did Morrie do when the sociology department learned that male students who don't keep their grades up could lose their draft deferment?
(a) He proposed closing the department.
(b) He proposed a toast.
(c) He proposed leaving Brandeis.
(d) He proposed giving them all A's.

8. What is the only new thing that had been added to Morrie's study on the eighth Tuesday visit?
(a) Friends.
(b) Some furniture.
(c) A fridge.
(d) Medical equipment.

9. When Mitch visited Morrie on the seventh Tuesday, Morrie had finally lost one of the only battles he dreaded. What is Morrie not able to do anymore?
(a) Wipe his behind.
(b) Walk around.
(c) Breath.
(d) Talk.

10. What did Morrie and Mitch talk about on the twelfth Tuesday?
(a) Happiness.
(b) Gratefulness.
(c) Pain.
(d) Forgiveness.

11. What did Morrie say he would do when he's dead and Mitch talked to him at his grave site?
(a) Understand.
(b) Listen.
(c) Laugh.
(d) Nothing.

12. Morrie's nights were getting difficult by the sixth tuesday visit. He was awake a lot. Why?
(a) Because he was coughing a lot.
(b) Because he was sneezing a lot.
(c) Because he had to go to the bathroom a lot.
(d) Because he wanted to talk to his wife.

13. In Chapter Nineteen, Mitch tries to call his brother. Where does his brother live?
(a) France.
(b) Spain.
(c) Italy.
(d) Canada.

14. What do people in the hospital do when somebody dies?
(a) They bury the body.
(b) They cover the body with a sheet and remove it.
(c) They cremate the body.
(d) They spray the body and remove it.

15. What did Morrie want his tombstone to read?
(a) "Alive until the end."
(b) "Death by disease."
(c) "The best teacher ever."
(d) "A teacher to the last."

Short Answer Questions

1. When would Morrie not be able to talk anymore?

2. According to Morrie, death ends a life. What does it not end?

3. On the ninth Tuesday, Morrie's condition was rapidly deteriorating, but he had a new saying. What was his new saying?

4. During the third interview, Morrie told Ted Koppel that the disease could have his body, but what was the disease not allowed to get?

5. One of Morrie's first jobs was in a mental institution where he was supposed to just observe. Instead of just observing, what did he do?

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