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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "Taking Attendance", Mitch flew to London for his job. What did he cover while he's there?
(a) The UK Open.
(b) Charles and Diana's marriage.
(c) Wimbledon.
(d) Roland Garros.

2. The phone rang a lot during Mitch and Morrie's first visit. Why did Morrie have his nurse take all the messages?
(a) He was too sick to pick up the phone himself.
(b) He didn't want people calling him.
(c) He didn't want his time with Mitch being interrupted.
(d) He was too lazy to pick up the phone himself.

3. Where did Morrie and his younger brother, David, go right after their mother died?
(a) To the city.
(b) To Germany.
(c) To the beach.
(d) To the countryside.

4. Who is/are the student(s) in the one last class described in "The Curriculum"?
(a) Mitch Albom and Morrie Schwartz.
(b) Mitch Albom, Morrie Schwartz, Ted Koppel, and Lou Gehrig.
(c) Mitch Albom.
(d) Morrie Schwartz.

5. On which night of the week did Morrie perform his favorite hobby?
(a) Thursday.
(b) Friday.
(c) Wednesday.
(d) Tuesday.

6. What was Morrie's favorite hobby?
(a) Swimming.
(b) Walking.
(c) Drinking.
(d) Dancing.

7. What did Mitch promise his wife?
(a) That they will become rich.
(b) That they will move to another city.
(c) That they will start a family.
(d) That they will get a dog.

8. When Morrie's disease progressed, he had to give up a lot. What was one thing he was still able to do?
(a) Swim.
(b) Drive.
(c) Dance.
(d) Dress himself.

9. How many years had Morrie and his almost-deaf friend been friends?
(a) Thirty-five years.
(b) Forty years.
(c) Twenty-five years.
(d) Thirty years.

10. Morrie had trouble sleeping and dreamed a lot. What was he dreaming about?
(a) Swimming.
(b) Eating.
(c) Dancing.
(d) Dying.

11. What is the name of the journalist who interviewed Morrie on Nightline?
(a) Ted Kennedy.
(b) Larry King.
(c) Mitch Albom.
(d) Ted Koppel.

12. Morrie felt somewhat lucky about the slow progression of his disease. Why?
(a) It gave him plenty of time to say goodbye to everyone.
(b) He enjoyed the pain.
(c) It gave him time to talk about his disease.
(d) It gave him time to think about what was going on.

13. What did Morrie do when he could't go to the bathroom by himself anymore?
(a) He started sleeping in the bathroom.
(b) He didn't go anymore.
(c) He asked his visitors if they mind helping him.
(d) He wore special underwear in which he can urinate.

14. Why was Mitch unaware of Schwartz's illness?
(a) Because he didn't care.
(b) Because he was sick himself.
(c) Because Schwartz did not have an illness.
(d) Because he never got in touch with him.

15. When Mitch was Morrie's student, Morrie decided to call him Mitch instead of Mitchell. Why?
(a) Because Mitch told him that's what he prefers to be called.
(b) Because he already knew somebody called Mitchell.
(c) Because he didn't like the name Mitchell.
(d) Because he hoped to be Mitch's friend one day.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "The Curriculum", the author talks about one last class. What do you have to do in this "special" class to receive extra credit?

2. What was Mitch's new job after finishing school again?

3. What does one get after finishing the one last class described in "The Curriculum"?

4. How did Mitch find out about the TV interview with his mentor?

5. In the last year of his life, Morrie threw himself a "living funeral". Why?

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