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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Audiovisual, Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Mitch continue to rack up with his job?
(a) Another wife.
(b) A lot of fun.
(c) Real happiness.
(d) Professional accomplishments.

2. Why did Morrie never tell Mitch that he didn't eat the food he brought?
(a) Because he didn't like the food.
(b) Because he wanted to hurt Mitch's feelings.
(c) Because he could not talk anymore.
(d) Because he didn't want to hurt Mitch's feelings.

3. After reading about horrific crimes and intolerable cruelty in the newspaper, Mitch showed a kind gesture towards Morrie. What did he do?
(a) He helped Morrie move from the wheelchair to his recliner.
(b) He did the dishes.
(c) He read a story from the newspaper.
(d) He helped Morrie wipe his backside.

4. When Morrie taught his last college course, he announced to his students that he may not be able to finish the course. Why?
(a) He might die.
(b) He might get sick.
(c) He might retire.
(d) He might get sick of it.

5. During the first Tuesday, Morrie made a promise to Mitch, a promise he had made many times before. Which promise did Morrie make?
(a) That some day, he would get Mitch to give him a kiss.
(b) That some day, he would get Mitch to bring less food.
(c) That some day, he would get Mitch to wipe his backside.
(d) That some day, he would get Mitch to cry.

Short Answer Questions

1. On the third Tuesday, Mitch brought an item with him to help him remember Morrie forever. What did he bring?

2. When Mitch went home after his third visit with Morrie, he made a list of questions for Morrie to answer. Why did he want Morrie to answer those questions?

3. During the third interview, Morrie told Ted Koppel that the disease could have his body, but what was the disease not allowed to get?

4. What did Mitch promise his wife?

5. How long did Morrie work in the mental institute?

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