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The Curriculum

• Mitch describes "the last class of my old professor's life."

• In this class, "Tuesday's With Morrie" is the paper, and Mitch Albom is the student.

• Mitch flashes back to his graduation from Brandeis University in Massachusetts.
• After the graduation, Mitch gives his favorite professor Morrie Schwartz a leather briefcase as a gift.

• After a hug, which is awkward for Mitch, he promises to stay in touch.

• When Morrie and Mitch say goodbye, Morrie is crying.

The Syllabus

• Morrie Schwartz learned he has ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease in the summer of 1994. There is no cure, and it is terminal.

• Morrie loved to dance, but the dancing stopped when his health began deteriorating.

• The disease continued progressing. First he got asthma, then he had difficulty walking, and after that could no longer drive or walk without a cane.
• In the fall of 1994, Schwartz returned to Brandeis to...

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