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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, Pauline.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Pukwan treat Fleur when he drags the sled?
(a) Very carefully
(b) He refuses to pull her
(c) He yells at her
(d) Bounces her and tips her over

2. Who does Margaret have spy on Eli and Fleur?
(a) Napoleon
(b) Pauline
(c) Nector
(d) Boy Lazarre

3. Who helps Nanapush bury the Pillagers?
(a) Edgar Pukwan Jr.
(b) Father Damien
(c) Margaret
(d) Eli Kashpaw

4. What name does Nanapush give instead of his real name?
(a) David
(b) John
(c) No Name
(d) Grandfather

5. What does Fleur take with her to eat when she leaves Nanapush's cabin?
(a) Nothing
(b) A hunk of deer meat
(c) Onions and oats
(d) Dried herbs

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Fleur attacked by the men?

2. Nanapush warns Fleur that what will happen to the land?

3. What is the only thing that lasts life to life?

4. Who are Bernadette's children?

5. Where do Pauline's people bury the dead?

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