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This is the town where Fleur and Pauline work at the butcher shop.


This is the lake at the Pillager homeplace.

Fleur's Cabin

This is where a main character lives and where Nanapush found her as a young girl.

Nanapush's Place

This character does not live with Fleur but lives here.

Margaret's Place

This is the Kashpaw place. Out of the three homes that they try to save this is the only one that the fee is paid on.

Black Umbrella

Fritzie from the butcher shop gives this item to Fleur. Fleur hangs it over her dead child and later takes it with her when she leaves her cabin.

Land of the Dead

Fleur and Pauline go there as Fleur is losing her baby. Fleur plays cards there with the dead men from Argus. Pauline realizes they know her secret and gets Fleur to leave.

Catholic Church

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