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Felling the Forest

Divide the class into three or four small groups. Each group must find a unique way to recreate the climactic scene at Fleur's cabin in which the trees appear to fall by themselves crushing many of the lumberjacks.

Clan Markers

Nanapush describes the clan markers he inscribes on the gravestones of Fleur's family. Have each student design his/her own clan marker to identify his/her family.

Burying the Dead

Explore the various ways the Native Americans had for burying their dead. Students can draw or build models of the various methods they discover.

Tearing Down Argus

Divide the class into three or four small groups. Each group is responsible for constructing a model that recreates the destruction of Argus the night Fleur is attacked by the meat packer men.

Ante Up!

Stage a game day where students can play a variety of games. For...

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